Fetish fragrance notes

    • Myrrh, Ambergris, Rosewood, Musk, Oud, Leather, Benzoin, Patchouli

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After a sharp opening, the initial phase is mostly leather, with patchouli & an odd note that reminds me of sour milk. One hour in the benzoin kicks in, turning things more softly powdery, but not too sweet. Shortly after this, I detect a mineral note, like the cold stone of ancient catacombs. I'm not sure exactly how oudh is supposed to smell, but I'm guessing it's this in combination with the myrrh that conjures up that image for me. From here it all slowly fades, lasting around twelve hours overall.
I must admit I'm not all that keen on this one. The drydown is interesting, but that sour milk note is a turnoff for me, & the fragrance is not as animalic as I'd hoped.
30th November 2017
I have tried samples of several Neil Morris fragrances and I agree this one is best. It has strong sillage and good longevity. It smells like a combination of the listed notes; it is true to its description. Very pleasant, very earthy, very oriental. To my nose the myrrh, oud, and patchouli are strongest but blend in a nice accord.
27th April 2010

I have tested more than half of the collection of Neil Morris Fragrances by now, but Fetish is by far the best and one of my top 5 favourite fragrances. Actually, it is quite difficult to describe for me, maybe because the ingredients seem to blend together without having one distinctably standing out, or maybe just because of my lack of experience.Fetish is extremely sweet, like marzipan, but there is also an earthiness/bitterness in it that I find particulary attractive. Especially with this effect I see a certain similarity to Dior Homme - only by style, not by ingredients.It is definately too distinct for office wear. So, I would recommend it rather for weekend or spare time. If you consider testing Neil Morris fragrances, do not forget to give this a try!
22nd March 2009