Ferrari Red Power fragrance notes

  • Head

    • bergamot, blood orange, pink pepper, lavender
  • Heart

    • violet leaf, cardamom, geranium, rosemary
  • Base

    • tonka bean, patchouli, white musk, red cedar

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Really warm, sporty-classic, piquant and masculine (yet casual and "commonplace"). The opening is "lavender-aromatic" and fizzy hesperidic with lot of cardamom. Bombastically sporty- powerhouse in a modern acceptation. I perceive orange and bergamot in a stout connection. The floral transition is fleeting, severe and dry. Dry down: pungent citrus, "sweaty smell of man" (warm, woody, dry, kind of organic), pepper (in huge amount), harsh "burnt" cedarwood and warm synth musky virile ambergris. One of the most masculine and versatile scents I know. A fragrance for a dynamic yet fancy urban fellow.
5th December 2020
Nice, but ...
After the initial blast of citrus and pepper what comes to my mind is Where do I have smell this before? It is Chanel-ish, Versace-ish, Dior-ish, and that can't be bad, right? The openning is very alchoolic but evaporates rapidly. Is it the cedar mix with citrus that smells like petitgrain, not listed? Pepper and cardamon provide a discreet spiciness. Now going to the middle, for something completely different, lavender and gerunium. well, I like it so far, but I still want to answer my first question, where? What? D&G pour Homme? No. Can't get any musk or tonka or violet leaves. Although i don't mind it being subdue it seems it is getting to that point which it is going in the direction of a specific type of men ( garage, engines, fuel, cigarretes, football talk, etc ... ) and that is not me, I am afraid. I don't mean it is a bad scent, no, but it doesn't have an usage for me, I think. But it was dirt cheap, so won't complain... The bottle is very nice and manly, Annick Goutal's husband would like it very much.
Pros: Price, freshness, not too synthetic, safe recipe
Cons: For beginners only, defenetely for a novice nose.
5th July 2013