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Ferrari Racing is a very dry, spicy and woody scent that manages to also be rather discreet. It's a complex fragrance that goes through many different phases. It starts off with strong grapefruit and pepper, then quickly starts smelling harsh and green like the opening accord of Balenciaga Pour Homme. After about 15 minutes, the juniper berries start to dominate, and the scent begins to smell like a more refined version of One Man Show. After about 30 minutes into this fragrance, Ferrari Racing evolves even further, smelling more dark woody in the vein of Fendi Uomo. The resemblance to Fendi Uomo lasts a good two or three hours, and the drydown is still sharply woody, but develops a subtle powderiness. I find the incense in the base to be very prominent, and I think this is why I smell a resemblance to the Fendi.My two gripes about Ferrari Racing is its strong resemblance to Fendi Uomo (a scent I'm not crazy about anymore), and the fact that it's a bit too complex, as if it doesn't know what it wants to be. These complaints however do not prevent me from enjoying Ferrari Racing, because this still smells good and has quite a bit of class, rendering it a good fragrance to wear in all occasions, all year round.MY RATING: 7/10
8th August 2010
The strongest fragrance in Ferrari's line. I wouldn't recommend it for those who don't like Fendi Uomo, YSL Kouros and other similar 80s scents.It's very spicy in an old fashioned way and carries a bunch of notes that united, create a thick and well done powerful fragrance. The con, in my case, is exactly this strength (not so nice in hot weather) and lack of freshness.
27th December 2009

Very nice… impressive, even. Ferrari Racing is lighter, subtler than the other Ferrari fragrances I've tested, and yet it has some interesting things going on. The pyramid cites several citrus notes in the opening but the opening doesn't actually seem citrus to me. The basil and black pepper apparently dominate to the point where the citrus recede to the background. The middle is quite lively and spicy and the notes are clearly presented. I can identify sage, vetiver, cinnamon, and nutmeg in an excellently presented, if a bit raw, accord. Racing ends an a strong note… The drydown is woody with cashmeran wood, sandalwood, and patchouli. The wood is shadowed by some labdanum and musk. I'm missing the incense in the base. All the notes form a subtle fragrance that is clearly defined, masculine, and rather long lasting. Ferrari Racing is a winner.
10th August 2009
One of the strongest colognes I have. I'm new at this, so I couldn't tell you whats in it.
9th February 2009
This one surprised me. I would rate this as the most sophisticated of the Ferraris that I have tried. It has decent longevity and sillage. This one can be worn throughout the year. I don't know what else can be said.
6th September 2008
I think this one is one of the best from Ferrari. It' very masculine and it has a very nice quality. The notes for the frag. (EDT) according to Ferrari:top: basil, bergamot, grapefruit, tangerine, black pepper.middle: sage, haiti vetiver, cinnamon, nutmeg, cashmeran wood.base: sandalwood, singapour patchouli, ciste labdanum, siam benzoin, incence, bio musk.This is an oriental woody fourgere. Good lasting power. The only thing a bit off is the name as "racing" it's a bit too exciting for this one, wich feels rather laid back. It's very good, and i will wear it again.
5th February 2006
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