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This one opens up with some citrus notes specially grapefruit followed by a somehow by a lavender vibe. There is a strange "garage" aura involving this fragrance but it is nothing like a Fahrenheit (gasoline) combination, it is more like a rubber kind of aroma but a really fainted one, nothing like Bvlgari Black for example. Time goes by and there's no leather or tobacco on my skin.

Nothing outstanding, not special, just a generic fragrance that smells a little pleasant and that's it.
19th March 2012
Off the bat this fragrance is so good. Personally I feel that patchouli makes any fragrance smell great. But like a lot of fragrances that start out amazing, passion didn't finish so strong. As for strength with two sprays people can definitely smell you. The initial smell is so clean and fresh. I also get a slight feeling of stepping out of a racing ring after driving in a ferrari or maybe I'm just thinking that cause this is a ferrari fragrance. All in all you will smell like a winner... At first. Until you reach the drydown. Honestly gross... Smells as is something is rotting and fermenting IMHO
17th February 2012

in a one sentence:
very very synthetic & CHEAP smelling!
17th February 2012
A "synthetic" smelling "fresh" type of fragrance. Citrus, mild woods, perhaps a touch of spice, etc., but if you smell it up close it smells like you need to call the hazmat guys in the white suits. Even from a distance it doesn't smell like anything I would want to deal with for more than a few seconds. Since I dislike these kinds of fragrances, I don't know how objective I can be, so I'll just give it a neutral. For all I know, this is the best of a bad lot !
11th March 2011
It's not as bad as Ferrari Black, but it's not much better either. It has a metallic smell which is vomit inducing. If you can get past the opening blast it does have a softer side. The problem is the softer side smells like a bad version of something in the Calvin Klein line. Which brings me to the point of buying something named Eternity instead.
3rd February 2011
Decent, generic opening with a little bit of a tropical vibe, into a boring uninspired middle and base, that smells like a horrible chemical mess.
15th December 2010
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