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It is a pleasant scent that will make you imperceptible to most people. Nothing extraordinary with mediocre longevity a very limited sillage.
Get it if you find it at a good price, as I said, it is rather pleasant, but if you want to be noticed, this one will not do it.
Slightly citric herbal scent with a minty sweet drydown
30th July 2012
The Ferrari label has a fairly disparate range of smells in it's collection. Red is fairly simple minty floral (unisex in my opinion), Black is a dead ringer for Dunhill Red (again, my personal take), Yellow is as the name perhaps aludes, a tonic water sort of smell. A hint of sweetness ofset against bitter "medicinal" notes. Hard to work out where this fits into the whole fragrance world but I'm sure it has it's place!
3rd August 2007

Light, easy-going, casual citrus-fruity fragrance. Nice, but I don't keep friendship with Ferraris for some reason. Wrong chemistry I guess.
17th December 2002