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Weak citrusy top with a touch of ginger. Spicy middle and a very musky drydown with a touch of leather.Not bad but overall very generic.
14th December 2008
First of all. Don't be mislead by the fact that this or any fragrance has a Ferrari badge on it. I think this is good rule of thumb for a lot of 'licensed' frag's.Ignoring the label then, the next question is what does the stuff in the bottle smell like? I get a real vibrancy between base, mid and top notes which seems to catch my nose at different angles on each whiff. There is a slight progression in dry down but then at the later stages a bit of a cheapy-sweet thing starts happening. Are there Musk notes in there? That would explain it perhaps. This frgrance doesn't push ANY boundaries. In that respect it is not a credit to Ferrari racing team but then again, they didn't make it did they?
3rd October 2006

I don't know which one or two or ten it smells like, but I feel I have smelled this fragrance under a couple of dozen different names: this is a generic 90's scent which was launched in 2001. I know Ferrari keeps their cars more up-to-date than this. The top and mid notes are strictly from boredom. The base notes are a little sweeter and a little less potent than I like, but they are very nice–I quite like that aspect of this scent. It certainly isn't the worst fragrance I've smelled, but there are better ones around. It does have a low price going for it, though, and the Ferrari name is still a winner.
23rd February 2006
For me, Ferrari #1 is the perfect daily scent (I save the Creed for the special occasions...). Its evolution starts off very bright and crisp, with hints of lime and ginger. The scent doesn't waft across the room and announce your presence; rather, those nearby can enjoy its energetic bouquet without being overwelmed. For me, the top and middle notes fade within a few hours, and a delightful vannilic oakmoss aroma accompanies me throughout the rest of the day. To me the evolution is reminiscent of a wild party- the bold, energetic notes eventually give way to an intimate scent, as if the dance music from earlier in the evening eventually fades into you and your loved one slow dancing in an intimate caress to your favorite song. To me, this is what makes it so great as a daily scent- it provides the energy needed in the morning, and the relaxing bottom notes seem to melt away the stress after a long day of work.That, and I've got more complements from women with this than just about any other scent I've worn.
19th August 2005
Mediocre. This one is confused about what it's supposed to be. It's soft and "un-Ferrari" like, but not unpleasant for cool weather. If you like this one somewhat, you might try Carthusia Uomo for a better, more refined version of the better notes in this one.
24th August 2004