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Ferragamo Intense Leather by Salvatore Ferragamo (2021) is ostensibly for fans of the original Ferragamo Eau de Toilette (2020) from the previous year, so there isn't a ton to say for people who tested that and found it completely unwearable. WIth that in mind, I'll keep my thoughts on this flanker pretty brief because to expand upon it is really just talking about the original pillar and you can read that over at the relevant review for the scent. I guess it's something of a nod to Ferragamo for making a flanker that actually behaves as a flanker should, by presenting the core idea of the main fragrance with a modification or slight twist that makes it literally a good flanking option for those wanted an expanded array of choices within the chosen range, but whatever. Having near-identical packaging and bottles is something I can see causing some confusion down the road, especially when this range hits discounters like all Ferragamos do, so make note of that if you go exploring.

The opening is going to be a similar semi-blue fragrance vibe of vacuum-distilled "sweet" betgamot and lemon that I mentioned in my review of the original. This "creamy citrus" note again mixes with some violet and tonka in the mid, making a smooth modern masculine accord that will appeal to the mallwalkers or compliment seekers of the men's fragrance market, but a shot of pink pepper and some added clary sage bring in aromatic heft missing from the main entry of the line. Once we start getting serious about the dry down, a bit of tart apple and lily of the valley raw materials shows up (I can't really tell you which aromachemical is responsible for these, too much blending), and then some of the pasty labdabum-like musk compound from the original, spurred on by an addition of fuzzy cashmeran. Methinks this combo is responsible for the slight leather feel in the original, and they are cranked up here with what also feels like some cypriol for a sour-ish leather finish that lands on the bog-standard evernyl and ambroxan base. Wear time is about 8 hours and sillage is about the same too, just more... "leathery". Best use is fall through spring casual and office wearing.

What this flanker feels most like to me is someone going back and trying to "complete" the original fragrance, which was perfectly sufficient if a tad forgettable beforehand. If Antoine Maisondieu is responsible for this, all he really did is succeed in creating a mildly more interesting variation on a theme, and made one for the fans but little else. If you're not a fan of the self-titled masculine range, or just don't know if you are, then you could all the same just put both fragrances behind your back and pick one blind, being just as satisfied (or disastisfied) either way. Maybe Ferragamo Intense Leather is marginally more intense in the way Yves Saint Laurent Jazz Prestige (1993) was over the original Jazz (1988), but I don't think the difference is even that pronounced. What I do think is this fragrance comes across likeable but not memorable, but since it exists purely as a back-to-the-roots flanker, I can't fault it for that. The Ferragamo range is still one of the more unique of the "blue juices" out there, and that's worth something. Thumbs up

Jun 29, 2021

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