Femme du Jour fragrance notes

  • Head

    • neroli, orange blossom, bergamot, lime blossom, honey, grass
  • Heart

    • rose, jasmine, ylang ylang, lily of the valley, heliotrope
  • Base

    • musk, sandalwood, ambergris, vanilla, cedar, vetiver

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CORDAY – Femme du Jour (1926)

Corday's Femme du Jour has that rarest of qualities: originality. I cannot recall an experience like it.

The citrus sweetness of bergamot and neroli combine with the jasmine-like florals of orange blossom and linden (reminiscent of lime blossom, honey and grass) to produce a heady but at the same time light mélange, which manages to be both sweet and dry at the same time.

The vanilla-like warmth of heliotrope and actual vanilla in the base combine with a fine musk and the banana qualities of the ylang to provide an enveloping softness. There is a green note provided by the muguet and the grass note in the linden, that is subdued but ever present.

As the dry down continues the cedar and vetiver provide the dryness to balance the sweetness of the citrus and florals and the freshness of the green notes.

The balance of notes here is superb, the blending masterly. Very much a skin scent, gentle, without great projection, but alluring attraction. My spouse finds it has an impression of having been worn the night before and that one is re-experiencing the beauty of the prior evening and the memories attached. Quite a find and worth seeking out.

4 Top notes: Neroli, Orange Blossom, Bergamot, Linden (Lime Blossom, Honey, Grass)
5 Heart notes: Rose, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Muguet, Heliotrope
6 Base notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Ambergris, Vanilla, Cedar, Vetiver
10th March 2020