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Maison Francis Kurkdjian (2014)

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Reviews of féminin Pluriel by Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Harsh opening, like Estee Lauder's Pleasures on steroids. Massive bright florals, but sadly I did not detect any violet, rose, or orange despite a respray later in the day. Notwithstanding the slap in the face explosion of pink florals féminin Pluriel does settle down after a bit and mellows out to a wearable perfume leaning heavy on the vetiver and Grasse rose.

I should caution though, over spraying this one to work would result in complaints as it can be overbearing to some around and best to take a light hand when applying or save for the evening/weekends.

Sillage is massive in the beginning but trails down to a light touch after 3 or so hours. Longevity needs to be worked on, especially at this price point. féminin Pluriel throws all the cards out in the first hour and slinks out of the room before lunchtime.
Jul 30, 2019

Don’t know what the criticism of this fragrance is.

1. it projects arms length and lasts at least 9-12 hours on 3 sprays
2. It’s a HUGE floral bouquet with powdery sweetness throughout
3. Orange blossom, violet, jasmine and iris are the standout notes with a hint of rose

It is stronger than Lumiere Noir Pour Femme, A La Rose, and Baccarat Rouge in terms of projection.

Perhaps the main criticism if you want to call it that, is the opening is very strong; with a mismash of floral notes which can be both a bit eclectic and powdery. Also, it’s typical of the MFK line which has the “I’ve smelt this before but this is more refined vibe to it.”

Longer lasting and stronger projecting than the Masculin version which is an EDT.
(Why no EDPs for men!!!)
Apr 19, 2018

I ordered a sample of this based on the notes, because they looked lovely. And it is pretty – a very soft, delicate floral. But I’m underwhelmed – it’s a timid fragrance and nothing in this jumps out. For the price, I’d want something with a bit more presence. Not a shouty, in-your-face, hey-everybody-I’m-wearing-perfume presence that chokes the room, but something with a little more gumption. I at least want to feel like I’m wearing something, and this doesn’t – it disappears way too fast. Still, very pretty while it lasts.
Oct 6, 2017

This has all of my favourite floral notes in one bottle and in some respects should be my perfect pink floral.

The opening is violet, jasmine and a lovely earthy iris - all individually detectable. The top notes are bright, clear, beautifully structured and blended, but unfortunately the heart is a let-down, getting a little muddy and indistinct before the basenotes open out again to reveal smooth musk and a slightly smoky vetiver.

Overall, it's pretty, radiant, very feminine and I enjoy wearing it a great deal. For such a soft floral, it has more than decent longevity - around 7 hours on my dry skin - and projects to around an arm's length with moderate sillage. I'm not seeing a lot of love for this fragrance so far, many dismissing it as unimaginative and something of a bog standard floral. To my novice nose, the huge dose of iris in the opening and the vetiver base set it well apart, but as much as I enjoy it, the weak structure in the heart and the premium price
force a neutral vote.

EDIT - all of the above may well be true, but I love this fragrance. Upgraded to a thumbs-up.
Apr 2, 2017

There is a pleasant floral concoction from the beginning, but it not well structured and developers into a bit of a floral blur suffocating a discrete rose that shines through at times. Iris - a bit, jasmine - a bit, but I mainly get lily-of-the-valley combined with a nonspecific white floral mix plus some aldehydes.

Later on a bit of the iris returns and a strangely sweetish-smooth vetiver is added too.

The sillage is soft, the projection adequate, and the longevity an excellent nine hours on my skin.

Pleasant in spring and not bad, but a touch to muted and inadequately structured, especially in the second half of its development. The potential is there though. 2.75/5
Jul 26, 2016

I came into this perfume with high expectations. It opened soapy, then powdery and it stung my nose. I did not get any orange or violet on top nor did it settle to a soft floral heart. A scrubber for sure. After a couple of hours, it smells like I sprayed Aqua Net on my wrists.
Oct 14, 2015

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