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Féerie by Van Cleef & Arpels

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Féerie is a women's perfume launched in 2008 by Van Cleef & Arpels

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Reviews of Féerie by Van Cleef & Arpels

There are 19 reviews of Féerie by Van Cleef & Arpels.

Feerie has one of the most eye-catching bottles in the perfume world. The bottle itself is already attractive enough to make me commit an impulse blind buy. However, a gorgeous bottle containing a splendid fragrance, isn't it too good to be true? Well, splendid might it not be, I certainly had a delightful surprise.

The opening actually smells slightly spicy to me. For the first hour, besides vague fruits and flowers, I also smell something like ginger.

After the gentle spiciness fades away, here comes a lovely blend of sparkling black currant and red berries, powdery violet and a light touch of rose. Every composition offers their most adorable aspects but still remain in harmony. It smells like some sort of violet candy. Sweet, not the gourmand type, but with a mature approach.

However, feerie still has one important drawback IMO. After about 3 hours, it soon dries down into a soft iris scent with a ghost of the wonderful middle notes. It's still lovely, but with 2 good spritzes I still have to stick my nose to the wrist to detect it.

Nevertheless, it's still a lovely and versatile fragrance in a stunning bottle. Plus, it's a fragrance relatively easy to appreciate. I'm sure most people will be happy receiving it as a gift.

Just a straight up, fruity floral, summertime scent. Lively and feminine. Nothing complicated here, in my mind. It grows on you.

Oh I really wanted to like this, but after several attempts I get the same impression at first spray.... Ant killer/bug spray. Just like what has been seen can't be unseen... I can't break the association of this perfume and what I spray the foundation of my house with.

So as gorgeous as the bottle is, the smell is equally bad. For those of you lucky enough to never have smelled ant spray... Let me describe it this way. Very intensely sweet, in a chemical way. Blackberry note is very prevalent, but in a sour liquor note. If it was sweet like jam, I might have a different reaction, but this screams in your face. The violet note is there, but not a violet I enjoy. There is something lacking... I love violet but this wasn't to my liking.

When focused you can smell the notes, but they are not layered. For me there is no transformation as this drys down. If perfume is like a chorus, this one has all the sections singing... The same note very loudly, garishly, off tune, and sharp; the drydown just muffles this.

Feerie opens with a strong, sweet fruit reminiscent of Swedish Fish candy, and laid atop a spicy vetiver reminds me very much of Lagerfeld's Sun Moon Stars. The difference is S-M-S plays more with the smoky incense heart, while Feerie goes for floral. Toning down to semi-sweet for the remainder, this scent develops a watery sheen which adds some needed dimension. Overall the scent can not match the bottle for quality but is nonetheless quite good and would make for a great recommendation for anyone looking to upgrade from the Victoria's Secret line of fragrances.

The fruity/floral/citrus combination than opens the top notes is a winner: green-floral in the undertone, with superimposed tangerine and a raspberry-blackcurrant aroma, it is a classic, 1950s or 1960-style richness that greets me. Then a delightful rose appears in the drydown, rich, medium between bright and dark, like a blue sky with occasiaonal streaks of cirrus clouds, well-balanced and of high quality.

The base e remains intriguing, with a sweetish hint of tonka interwoven with a light iris component, and hints of bergamot and vetiver shining though, a tempered sweetness, discrete and elegantly fading out towards the end.

On my skin the sillage is moderate, the projection excellent, and the longevity a splendid eleven hours. It is of wonderful denseness, classic in brilliant blending, well-structured and made of top-quality ingredients. V C&A at its modern best. 3.75/5

First everything about FEERIE is explanatory of the Intense dazzle and fascination of a precious bottle at everybody eyes but In my opinion it is little misleading because this kind of bottle must have a unique and particular scent whereas this scent is familiar and not unique although is an beautiful and nice scent.

It is never overbearing or heavy.soft, expensive,subtle,sweet,modern, luxurious and elegant evening fragrance.it has a feminine Ffresh smell that makes people curious. violet in the top notes is dominant.the heart BY asmine and rose are romantic but not attractive.the base is woody and light too.

Totally Ferrie is a mildly seductive scent that keeps you feeling feminine and romantic.spring days are more lovely with this scent.it is suitable for evening out to dinner and to an opera afterwards.ideal for a rich lady.

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