The first French Connection fragrance by Zirh/Shiseido. Partnered with the feminine, FCUK Her and advertised with the slogan "Scent to bed".

FCUK Him fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Basil, Lavender, Rosemary, Sangria
  • Heart

    • Hemp, Sage, Tea Leaves, Green Peppercorns
  • Base

    • CO2, Vanilla, Ebony Wood, Patchouli, Black Suede

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I really don't mind FCUK Him at all. It is a good, cheap gym bag fragrance or something to keep in your bag or locker at work for a hot day. It would also be a reasonable fragrance for a teenage boy as an every day use fragrance in the warmer months. It opens with woody rosemary notes and then settles with a synthetic lavender. I would describe FCUK Him as a synthetic soapie fragrance with some woody elements. It lasts about 4 to 5 hours on my skin with arm length projection for the first couple of hours. It's not a bad fragrance at all, but it does seem to get some dislikes from fragrance collectors. I would say that FCUK Him is an acceptable fragrance. I've worn it to work on hot days when I wanted a simple, subtle fragrance and it does the job.
9th July 2021
Decent, fresh, sharp lavender quality that really sticks out. Powdery and watery in nature.

Just think of taking Royal Copenhagen, Lagerfeld Classic, or similar "powdery" sweet scents and inject some pungent lavender into it.
22nd December 2016

FCUK Him is, without fail, one of the most vile male EDTs I have ever smelled. With no disrespect to my fellow reviewers intended, I cannot fathom how this fragrance can be described as 'soapy'. Perhaps it may smell like the very cheapest hand soap in a public bathroom, but even saying that is being generous.

The 'bug spray' and hospital-grade 'chemical' comparisons are getting close to describing this offensive, synthetic mess, but I feel are still too kind. It really does seem like something you would find in the bottom of a cleaner's storeroom (I'm not just being critical of the fragrance - it really does smell like an old cleaning product).

I'll give it credit for its longevity - a typical lavender fragrance usually has a lower lifespan than this, however in the case of this juice, a longer life only prolongs the misery. The bottle is cheap also - it is prone to falling over if slightly nudged, and the sprayer is unpredictable at best.

This is one stifling example of where 'inexpensive' most certainly does mean 'cheap'.
16th November 2012
Smelled quite nice when first applied , really modern and young but it only last near 2-3 hours on my skin so no one to buy in my opinion.
23rd April 2011
A nice light powdery scent that I like more than many "typical" dept store scents, but fades fast on my skin. As one poster mentioned, might work well in the gym bag. Thumbs up on scent, but lack of sillage is an issue.
20th April 2011
Fascinating. The lavender of Hypnose, the vanilla and airy not-leather of John Varvatos, the spicy, smoky green heart of Fever for Men by Celine. A sweet and strange soapy-metal bubblegum. This reminds me of everything. The smoker's version of shower fresh
6th April 2011
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