The first French Connection fragrance by Zirh/Shiseido. Partnered with the feminine, FCUK Him and advertised with the slogan "Scent to bed".

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Nice enough, inoffensive floralish, soapy and light, with just a hint of powdery and warm in the latter stages of it's very short life.

I put my bottle (picked up part used on eBay for not very much) in my gym bag as it's the sort of scent that I will use after getting all clean after a workout.

Unlikely to offend anybody so safe for wearing in an office, but also unlikely to rock anybody's world (IMO).
23rd February 2013
This fragrance is very subtle, soft and wearable for everyday, appropriate for work as it is not overbearing at all. It is faintly soapy but also faintly floral and even faintly woodsy too. But none of these things take lead, they all play together in soft balance. Very nicely done! (It should be mentioned that I bought the 3.4 ml bottle of the scent, pictured above. In addition to being unattractive, it is also cumbersome to use; I have difficulty grasping the bottle while spraying as the bottle is so wide. And my hands aren't particularly dainty, either. FCUK needs to rethink the packaging on this one.)
26th January 2012

I agree with most of the reviews on this fragrance, it is definitely a strong soapy scent. Not one that I would personally purchase, but nice enough as a scent used to freshen up after a run or straight after a shower.

26th April 2011
Bought sample based on positive reviews, hoping for an unassuming, inexpensive everday scent. On me it smells like common citrus, acrid, and quickly disappears.
7th August 2010
Love the name; love the actual fragrance even more! For all the possible eyebrows the name "FCUK Her" might have raised, they will be raised even higher upon smelling this gorgeous scent. It's the total, mindblowing opposite of the the name (which suggests something befitting a junior harlot). This is a timeless, classic fragrance that's strikingly reminiscient of Elizabeth Arden's Provocative Woman but with a sweeter floral base. A rich and sophisticated perfume: how I imagine how Versailles smelled like in Spring in the 18th century. Nothing sexy about this perfume, just effortlessly beautiful. And it lasts.
2nd May 2010
It's light, flowery, and refresehing. Not offensive at all but fades off rather quickly. Charming scent!
18th June 2009
Wearable, but not the average perfume that's clean and fresh. It has something more unusual and not so common. I've been told by so many women that's it's a man magnet, which is interesting. Probably because it is so nice, but has that something that's a mystery note to your nose.
23rd May 2009
The only reason I purchased this fragrance was out of curiousity. I wondered what it smelled because of the name. When I look at the bottle, I find it heavy and plain and the name is somewhat offensive "Fcuk Her" (Your mind fills in and adjusts for misspelled words)....but back to the fragrance...I found a great deal on a 3.4 oz NIB (under $20.00 Free Shipping) on eBay. I am so glad I purchased it. I absoutely LOVE this scent even though I don't like the name at all. I think it is one of the best smelling fragrances I own. Very clean, very sexy, and very distinctive. Light but longlasting, seductive and sparkling. I choose this perfume quite often and with the can't go wrong. Because of the W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L notes in this fragrance, there will always be a place for Fcuk Her in my wardrobe. I am always complemented on this fragrance when I wear it. I would give it more than 5 stars + based on the scent.
17th April 2009
I agree with frofro, this fragrance is definitely unoffensive. Nice, modern, and sexy. I bought my sister a bottle for her birthday after she smelled it on me and complemented it.
6th September 2008
Love this one, too! Very light, very wearable, and surprisingly sexy. Bought it by accident, and since then always have it in my wardrobe. The best word for it is 'unoffensive', it's not overpowering, and seems quite simple, yet has that certain something that makes it immediately recognizable. Wear this very often; in general, my go-to fragrance when I'm not sure what to wear.
2nd February 2006