FCUK Friction Her fragrance notes

    • fruity notes, floral notes, coconut, vanilla

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Latest Reviews of FCUK Friction Her

Smells good enough to eat but only lasts a hot second, so it's a good thing you don't have to spend much for the full size.
15th April 2018
Peaches and cream! Such a nice casual fragrance for the beach or just lazing around. It doesn't take itself very seriously, and neither should you.

It's just fun!
4th January 2017

YUM! I blind bought this today and am sooooo pleased that I did. Looking at the notes, I thought it might be just another vanilla-berry-woodsy smell with a hint of coconut, but I was so wrong! It's beautiful, creamy coconut with a hint of vanilla in the background, and they begin to slowly switch as the drydown comes in, ending with lovely warm vanilla with a hint of coconut. To be honest, on my skin, I don't get any of the other notes, so it kind of reminds me more of a body spray than a perfume. Still, this will definitely be making a frequent appearance over summer, especially teamed with coconut sunscreen.
10th November 2012