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I admit that I'm not a fan of the original FCUK Him. It's probably the fragrance I hate the most out of all the 150 + scents I own. It's a cheap, harsh, chemical & synthetic mess. This ‘Connect' on the other hand is a masterpiece by comparison.

It starts out simultaneously with fruity & minty top notes. Not long after, a sort of sourness creeps in, but it's a refreshing sourness, like lime peel. These fruity/minty/sour top notes never really leave and seem to linger in the background during the whole life of the fragrance.

After about 45 minutes, there seems to be an undercurrent of a gentle musk combined with what smells to me like honey. It could be honeysuckle or some other floral, but it really does smell like honey from a hive. Both the musk and honey seem to mix with the top notes and combine to form a most unusual and very pleasant (although quite linear) fragrance.

Yes, it's a bit synthetic, but who can complain when it produces such a delightful smell! It certainly doesn't smell cheap or harsh and for AUS $15 for 50mls it's a genuine bargain.

The whole time I could smell this it triggered a really strong sense of déjà vu. I couldn't quite figure out what it reminded me of and then it hit me. This starts out like Essenza Di Zegna, and then has a drydown like the new Bvlgari Man. Go figure!

Sillage: just above average. You can easily detect it without having to sniff yourself.
Longevity: above average. For a bargain scent like this, the 6 + hours is great.
Overall: 4/5. It gets a whole point just for being so cheap (otherwise 3/5).

If you can grab this at a bargain price, don't hesitate.
28th April 2011
This EDT was a bargain at £10 for 100ml and I certainly got my money's worth, but I am slightly put off wearing it more often by the overwhelming, almost screechy licorice/aniseed topnotes that seem to mask all else for the first few minutes.

It dries down to reveal sweet woods and other notes that I am not yet experienced enough to identify, and I'd agree with others on the good sillage and longevity. This one would perhaps work during the day or at night but is not necessarily what I would call generic. I think this could quite easily be one of those 'love it or hate it' fragrances - hence my neutral rating. Oh the irony!

Edit: I've grown somewhat tired of this and am a gnats whisker away from giving it a thumbs down instead. Try before you buy, even at £10 for 4oz!
19th August 2010

Remy Latour's Cigar eloped with Zino by Davidoff. They disguised themselves at first with aniseed, lavender and what seems like a restrained amber but a hint of pepper was their undoing. Suddenly, the tobacco tones presented themselves disguised as patchouli and woodland spice and their earlier charade ended with a vigour that surprised everyone and then kept distracting them for hours and hours and they lived happily ever after. If you cannot afford Zino, Connect Him...
2nd August 2010
From a vendor's siteTop notes include: rosemary,sangria, lavender and basil.Middle notes include, sage, green peppercorn and tea leaves.Base notes include; vanilla, ebony wood, black suede and patchouli.Very approachable and very long-lasting EDT. Very sweet and after a several hours feels a bit sickly and stale and cloying although it probably wouldn't on a non-smoker.Pervasive sillage - you'll smell it on yourself and everywhere you've been all day long and well into the night.My overriding impression is of licorice or aniseed which would be the Sangria I suppose with an underlying hint of masculine muskiness and green of the peppercorns and tea. It's a clean sweet, very foody fragrance that overall I like but can get tired of smelling it by the end of the evening.At current discount prices it's worth trying. I tried it and loved it, but after wearing it a few times I find I prefer less 'in your face' more sophisticated fragrances.
26th March 2010
There is a salient sweet note that almost overtakes the wood and amber character of this fragrance. It almost ruins the overall effect, but the beauty of the fragrance saves it. Sharp woods and fruit attractively composed. Try it before you buy it.
29th November 2009
Amber woody. Very generic but not totally a "scrubber" but not totally "good". Nice and light slightly sweet woody fragrance.
19th May 2009