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Fath de Fath (original) by Jacques Fath

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Reviews of Fath de Fath (original) by Jacques Fath

There are 13 reviews of Fath de Fath (original) by Jacques Fath.

It's thumbs down for me with regard to the new Fath de Fath parfum; I hate it!!! The fragrance is extremely heavy which is ususlly the case with fragrances that are dark or caramel in color. The original Fath de Fath created by Jacques Fath and launched in 1953 was the most beautiful, exquisite parfum I have ever worn!!! It was clear in color and had the most lovely, seductive essence. A Parisian friend of mine use to buy it for me in Paris. I use to buy it here in Chicago at my favorite parfum boutique! When the formula for Fath de Fath was changed or reorchestrated in 1993, I was crushed!!! I tried it in Neiman Marcus and I couldn't believe how different the scent was from the original. I never bought it again and I never will unless the 1953 original fragrance is recreated again; if that happened, I would buy it in a New York minute, no matter how much it cost. Jacques Fath died in 1954, 1 year after his parfum launched and I believe he would be very disappointed to know that fragrance he originally created was changed, especially when so many women loved it!!!

In life there are not so very many experiences when you fall in love with person, dress, shoes or perfume at first sight and forever. And if you do, it surprises you every day by how easy it was, like it was meant to be your person, your dress or your perfume
So I guess same story is between me and Fath de Fath. We just meant to meet and stay forever.
Its a perfume I understood from first second, all notes – separately and as a whole where somewhat engraved into my skin and chemistry a long time before the actual meeting took place.

Its a part of me. - always is the right time for him, its stunning, perfect, refined, silky, beautiful, smooth oriental. Its my glass of cognac in front of fireplace and feet massage, its my sleeping pill, its my morning smile, in all times and situations – the best.

Its never just fruity or just floral or just oriental, its..creamy rich long-lasting smell of comfortable life - Fath de Fath...
All things in one, all beautiful things as a whole.
*give me a medal, I invented a new slogan* lol

Fath de Fath was the sixth fragrance released by Jacques Fath. His third release, Iris Gris, has become a legend of the perfume world with its expert mix of orris root and peach.

Fath de Fath has a lovely, warm, powdery quality to it. The primary heart floral I can make out is heliotrope, which rests on a base of amber, vanilla and labdanum.

There must certainly be many more ingredients, but this nose can't single them out. The effect is quite nice, typical of the 1950s, and one of the first to bring vanilla and amber to the forefront.

Seek out the vintage only. The reformulation of 1993 is nothing like the original.

Fath de Fath is a very conventional, polite floral oriental scent, and while there's nothing terribly original about it, it demonstrates the virtues of balanced proportions, seamless blending, and elegant poise. While it's not at all exciting, it is very nice. The opening is all about soft, sweet citrus and powdery heliotrope. The floral bouquet expands quickly, but the individual blossoms are melded completely into an unrecognizable, abstract floral arrangement. (See above for “seamless blending.”) Vanilla and tonka bean provide a sweet backdrop for the floral blend, but never become cloying or syrupy. (What did I say about balanced proportions?) Fath de Fath speaks in a clear middle voice, with none of the bombast that compromises 1980s genre entries like Giorgio, Boucheron, Poison, or Amarige. (That would be the “elegant poise.”) The drydown is powdery vanilla amber, all downy soft and cuddly, with nary an animalic or lascivious element in sight. In short, Fath de Fath is a pleasant, reliable, everyday fragrance of no great distinction but plenty of gentle charm.

I absolutely agree with the other thumbs down reviews for the reformulation. I used to wear the old Fath de Fath back in the 70s and 80s. It was exquisite. I discovered it at Jacqueline Perfumery in San Francisco. Ah the memories. Just a perfect perfume - elegant, classy, sexy subtle.

Why did they reformulate this perfume that was beyond all others? How dare they call it Fath de Fath? Why can't they admit their mistake and make the old Fath de Fath again?

I too would be happy to send a strip to a perfumer to remake this exquisite fragrance. I have a tiny bit left in a bottle but alas it has lost it's strength. Oh how I long for that original Fath de Fath. Please somebody bring it back. Please.

Any mention of Fath de Fath....and I have to jump in. I have known and loved this perfume since 1964...it was love at first sniff

But I must say that I didn't like even a whiff of the reformulation at all, I also feel that they should have not named it Fath de Fath, it's totally different from the original which was very refined, sophisticated and truly a beautiful scent....it is unlike any other fragrance.

After years of search I finally found a tiny bottle paying $$$ from a French web site; later
I discovered eBay and bought a couple of large EDP bottles there. Sadly they all smell a bit weak....but heavenly all the same.

I wish and hope someone recreates a replica of the original. BTW...this is my first entry and post on this forum. I was drawn here out of my love for this fabulous Fath fragrance. I will
be happy to send a strip to any serious perfumaniac who wants to experience this scent.

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