Fate Woman 
Amouage (2013)

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Fate Woman by Amouage

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Amouage says:

Fate for Woman is a chypre oriental with a rich floral heart intensified by a dark and destructive accord resonating with the tumultuous unknown.

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Reviews of Fate Woman by Amouage

There are 15 reviews of Fate Woman by Amouage.

While l can clearly smell narcissus on opening the vial, on skin I get a sour bergamot in the opening, & little else. I'm dabbing here though, & of course this impression might be different when spraying. Slowly a spicy floral accord emerges, with a leathery undertone. Half an hour in, this settles into a softer, more powdery floral with a subtle note of incense, but retains that sour aspect. After an hour the sourness disappears, & finally it's a smooth, warm & pleasant oriental with hints of animalic castoreum & smoky labdanum. It's already quiet at this stage, & fades to a trace of vanilla twelve hours in.
I expected to be wowed by this, but I'm not. It's not as pwerful as I thought it would be, & although the drydown is lovely, there are many other floral orientals that I enjoy much more, for a fraction of the price.

Get an older bottle of Opium on eBay. It'll be cheaper and better.

Sampled after reading the five star review in the latest edition of the Guide. I can see the similarity of old style Guerlain in the opening of bergamot and I think the hint of pepper gives a even more classic oriental feeling. It's loud from start to finish.
As it develops you can identify different notes more or less strongly, but all in all it is a smooth, luxurious and heavy affair. Standing out are the bergamot, leather, benzoin vanilla and pepper with the bergamot fading fast.
I'll sample this more and consider buying a bottle before it is muted down in reformulations.

Can still wear it to some dinners though, just maybe use in moderation and try to wear it close to the skin if possible.

An excellent oriental style perfume. If Shalimar and Bakir had a baby, this could be her. It begins with a burst of incense, benzoin, and pepper. Sadly I get no cinnamon but, that's my dysfunctional nose. Here you'll find delicate narcissus. Smooth vanilla. Faint labdanum, castoreum, and leather - they are here. They just don't scream at you. I smell a light rose, then, rich patchouli and jasmine. Many hours later I get a hint of moss on my skin.

This is well done. Longevity is about 8 hours in high heat, surprisingly. Quite lovely overall and worth the price.

This is a complex perfume, sweet, perhaps from the benzoin, with notes such as the listed frankincense, cinnamon, and chili pepper adding character. The frankincense is light - just barely peeking through. It has a powdery aspect, which could be a natural floral smell, and it has a warm, delicious leathery aspect.

I'm getting a sweet cola smell. I like this. It's nicely agreeable, and complex enough to be something I'm excited to wear.

This is one of the few Amouage perfumes that open with a citrus or bergamont note.
Like most fragrances from the House, it's strong and intense. It contains florals, incense leather and oakmoss. It's truly unique!
You really know you're wearing this perfume. I get 6 plus hours.
I have the 12 x 2ml samples (in gorgeous presentation) of most of the 'Woman' line (I love 8 out of 12) and bought a full bottle followed by Lyric.
Next one on my list is Memoir (Lasts 20 plus hours on me, YES, 20+)
Love the intensity of all Amouage.
There is value for money as it doesn't need to be reapplied like SO MANY perfumes today.

I'll stick with the strength! 😉

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