A range of 16 fragrances for men and women, each representing different districts of New York.

Fashion Avenue fragrance notes

  • Head

    • dewy greens, fresh citrus notes
  • Heart

    • mimosa, ylang ylang
  • Base

    • blackcurrant, sandalwood, cashmere musk

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Baby lotion version of a light linden-turning-to-mimosa fragrance, quite synthetic and fully at home on my skin. Here be cool aquatic greens at the top and watery milky notes bringing up the rear. In its highly safe universe, I can be an infant again without resorting to diaper play.
27th March 2019
Really synthetic-smelling mimosa. Not unpleasant, but... really? Do people really pay for this? Try Mimosa pour Moi from L'Artisan or Summer by Kenzo.
27th July 2010

This is a beautiful fragrance. A fresh citrusy scent not in the sense of typical scents with that description. It's velvety smooth with florals and I get a nice smooth tea note that is nice with the musk. Longevity is good although it's so close to skin. It would be far better if it wasn't. Overall the scent is gorgeous although it's so close to the skin I can't jusitfy myself giving it a thumbs up especially considering the price tag so I'm harder on the review.
15th March 2010
pretty light scent, but very lovely constrution. beautiful florals (ylang Ylang) done in a very realistic way...one could almost feel as if they were smellign the flower directly. but then again the downside is, longevity. i think one needs opt spray a good 10-15 shots to get this baby lingering whole day. lovely creation, coudl be brought for pleasure and close encounters in night.one could almost mistake it for Rose31...
13th September 2008
This is perhaps one of my favorite Bond No. 9 scents in terms of just how it smells in the bottle--I wish it lasted more than two hours on my skin! I also wish I knew about its weak staying power on me before I payed for this expensive perfume. I only got the 1.7oz bottle, but still. This teaches me that I should play around with samples before I decide to buy a bottle, so I would suggest you do that too if you're considering buying this fragrance. The staying power obviously, judging from other reviews, varies from person to person.
22nd February 2007
This is a soft fragrance but not one without interest. I imagine a summer night on a porch with your sweetheart next to you, although that makes it sound old-fashioned. I think it is too fresh to be old-fashioned. A very wearable scent and one I'd add to my warm weather scent wardrobe.
24th October 2006
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