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Fareb by Pierre Guillaume

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Reviews of Fareb by Pierre Guillaume

There are 9 reviews of Fareb by Pierre Guillaume.

Curried leather with a slick of syrup, Fareb seems to be trying hard to offer bottled staleness. It immediately made me feel not-quite-awake and unwashed, a state I don't actively seek out. While there's a bold use of the sweet and meaty immortelle here, an equally bold dose of cumin is a misjudgement in my book – instead of making some kind of artistic power statement, it just feels pushy and consequently unwanted. This is a shame as Fareb's presence in a room is quite different – an almost foamy barbershop sweetness with just a trace of spice that immediately perked me up. But on skin it can't seem to rise above being tired and tiresome. Became more resinous in the drydown but the general impression remained curryhouse carpet with some freshening product applied to it in vain.

A decent take on immortelle and baking spices. Good, with decent performance, but suffers by comparison with the only other immortelle scent I have tried, Dior's wonderful and discontinued Eau Noire. The latter had that coffee vibe that pulled it out of the ordinary. Fareb needs something similar, more of a backbone. It began to annoy me late in the day that this component wasn't there - but I'll commend it for the fact that it lasted long and strong enough for me to make that judgement. Just a little linear for my liking.

I get several kinds of cumin in this one. First the cumin is boozy, absinthe-like. Then it mixes with something like cardamome, and smells like bold, real and simple cumin. It evolves with some sour, fruity notes and gives some curry smell. Nothing sweet, just spicy gourmand. I get the woody cumin next, and it ends with powdery cumin.
Longevity is very good, you get different versions of the main smell all the way, but sillage is low.
Ah, and I gave it to a male friend. I don't find it feminine. But I love smelling it on him.

Strong in smell yet weak in build, Fareb reminds me of an early draft of Fate Man even though Fareb came first. I'd describe this scent as a cumin-infused cedar over semi-oriental candy notes with a rough, dry edge to it (think Les Nez's Lion). Vague florals (powdery iris) and fruits (raisin-esque) add ornament, yet the scent remains dry and even a bit shrill. There's a savory, curried feel to the whole thing, but after 30 minutes it becomes a dull sugary, lip-sticky base. Not bad, but not great either. I'd check out El Attarine or Fate Man for more successful takes on the same style.

Fareb is an unexpectedly (for me) powerful bomb by Pierre Guillaume, basically an immortelle powerhouse with smoky and woody notes – I miss the leather, to be honest. I say "unexpectedly" powerful because all the other scents I tried made by this nose were fairly lighter, this was quite a surprise, like when you listen to a record and one of the tracks has been mastered to a louder volume, so you rush lowering the volume. Anyway, in Fareb you have this central, monolithic wrap-up of immortelle surrounded by spices, resins and woody notes, allegedly leather too but I don't smell it at any point. The general feel is sweet, almost candied (there's ginger), with pollen notes, a brownish fog, earth and roots. There is indeed a similarity with 1740 by Histoires de Parfums, whereas the latter is darker, richer, and more boozy-tobacco. Fareb is more "organic" in a way, more earthy, simple, and brighter. Although it's a bit linear and as I said, quite loud for a while, it's surely a deal if you like the notes, notably immortelle: it's bold, dense, substantial, well built and deadly persistent – almost haunting after a while.


Fareb stands for: frais, aromatique, resineux, epice et boise (fresh, aromatic, resinous, spicy and woody) and for once, they didn't dream up the notes in a marketing ivory tower someplace, as I think that pretty much covers the reality of the fragrance. It features two new phyto-perfumery extracts of bois d'immortelle and ginseng. It comes across as dry spicy to me, and cumin is a big player in this one.
First up, I don't tend to think of cumin as sexy or skanky. On me, it bypasses all the erogenous receptors and goes straight to armpits. Usually armpit hell. In this fragrance, it smells like cumin the spice. No armpits (or whatever people are smelling). I got my sample on Surrender To Chance and they called it wonderfully skanky - bummer, this one doesn't smell skanky to me. I guess I just don't 'get' cumin, or get it all wrong.
It smells kind of freshly spicy, woody, leathery, with a large fresh cumin presence. I like it. It's intriguing, and, okay, maybe the cumin wafts in and out of sexiness. Possibly. But it may be the woody leather vibe as much as cumin. A thumbs up.

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