Reviews of Fantasia de Fleurs by Creed

Raspberry candy mixed with pretty jasmine and rose with a pinch of plasticky aldehydes to keep it from smelling like a stupid fruity floral. It's nice but not great. That raspberry note is clearly crafted using C-16 Strawberry aldehydes, also known as that cheap strawberry shampoo smell, And the hairspray aldehydes smell kind of like rotten, moldy plastic, so the florals have to work especially hard to shine despite their questionable surroundings.

Personally, I'd stick with Creed's similar-but-better Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare over this one.
10th May 2017
Fantasia de Fleurs smells mostly of rose and jasmine to me, blended with a host of other white flowers. It's all very bright and cheerful: a flower garden on a sunny day in June. Fantasia de Fleurs bears a family resemblance to this house's later Fleurissimo, but it's a bit richer, heavier, and ultimately more earthbound, due I think to a much stronger dose of Bulgarian rose. Zztop is right to point out that this fragrance has aged very well, without ever betraying its vintage character. Nice.
14th June 2014

Sweet. Old fashioned (a good word in my personal dictionary). Opulent. Persistent.
Floral, creamy and indolic.

Fantasia de Fleurs is classically beautiful. Jasmine and violet are the first notes I detect. Then rose emerges (not a fresh rose, mind you!) and some 15 or 20 minutes after that, the animalic notes of amber gris and musk emerge lending it an enchanting depth.

This is clearly a child from the 1980's. I would like to know what the original version (if there ever was one) smelled like.
If you enjoy wearing Beautiful and Joy, give this a try.
2nd January 2011
Rose and jasmine in the opening – nicely presented – plus a strong animalic note – possibly civet; or maybe the animalism comes from the indolic emanations of the potent jasmine; or it could be a potent musk note. Regardless, Fantasia de Fleurs opens strongly and sweetly floral and the bouquet increases it as it an iris note is added. The heart accord is followed by a typical Creed drydown of musk and ambergris, and it is pleasant and smooth as most Creed dry downs are. Some other reviews mention “fresh.” I don't get “fresh,” but that could merely be my oversensitivity to the heaviness of the rose note. I can believe this fragrance is a classic: It has presence without being overdone … OK, maybe the animalic note is a tiny bit overdone, but I wouldn't complain about that. Still, in all, I don't find Fantasia de Fleurs very complex or even very interesting. It is flawlessly assembled. I rather enjoy it and there is nothing about it that I dislike, but there is nothing that holds my interest…
16th July 2010
Another nice floral done by Creed. Perhaps not my favorite scent on a female by the house of Creed but definitely is up there. Creed almost always does well with their florals. Nice work!!
30th April 2010
All I can come up with for a list of notes for this is rose, iris, and ambergris. However, I find it to be an over-the-top sweet, deep floral with animalic notes. At any rate, it is an exceedingly over-the-top floral on the order of bathroom spay. My apologies to the many who find it charming. It certainly isn't subtle.
20th September 2008
I tried this on a whim after reading some reviews. It opened for me as something akin to walking into a dense flower garden on a hot day, heady and lush. A small sample on my wrist seemed to hang delightfully in the air. After a short time it dries down to something softer and rich yet still maintains the lightness of its flowers. After a few hours, it still held its allure and even seemed to possess a deeper smoothness, which lasted throughout the day. Absolutely timeless and a must have.
24th August 2008
146 years old by now. 8 years older than Jasmin Impératrice Eugénie, 28 years older than Fleur de Thé Rose Bulgare. But much more fresher and timeless. Opens with a rich bouquet of flowers and in the middle a good trick for freshness; lemon and lemon flowers comes. Dries down rich and solid with mostly lily of the valley. If they produce Fantasia De Fleurs with the same ingredients they do a centuary ago; then time is not a reason for us to forgive the heavy arabic oils Caron used in en avion, french cancan and nuit noel nearly sixty years later. Fantasia De Fleurs is still an excellent floral to wear everyday.
13th July 2008
Amazing how a scent can be over 100 years old and so wearable. Fresh, floral with a "shocking" dose of musk. Very nice indeed.
20th May 2007
Wow, zztop said it so well. I personally didn't like the opening however I loved the way it melded into my skin after the 15 minutes and landed a very agreeable fragrance.
6th January 2007
One of Creeds' oldest florals, Fantasia De Fleurs still smells very contemporary. Seeing that it was commissioned in 1862 for Empress Elizabeth of Austria, one could be forgiven to assume that to be a rich, heady floral fragrance apt for those times. Instead, its a pleasant surprise to find this to be a fresh rose scent. Fantasia De Fleurs opens with notes of well mixed rose and perhaps osmanthus - while the rose is clearly noticeable, it is never heady or cloying. Infact, the top notes are quite fresh and must be the osmanthus. After 15 minutes, the iris note enters the fray, and the end result is an extremely well blended lush, dewy and zesty floral concoction. It is constructed in a similar style to Tuberose Indiana in that both are "uplifting and fresh" florals. The base is a pleasant musky ambergris composition. Fantasia De Fleurs is a great ebullient floral fragrance with excellent longevity and sillage. Its suitable for women of all ages, and is atleast worth a decant!
19th September 2006