A dark and sticky fir perfume with fresh dew and earthen root qualities, reminiscent of new and old forest growth in harmony.

Parfum extrait+ compounded at 38%

Fanghorn fragrance notes

    • silver fir, moss, lichen, wet soil, damp vegetation

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The most realistic forest scent I've ever smelled, full stop. High quality, full, rich, green and green and dark green again.
5th December 2021
Fanghorn is a revelation for coniferous fragrance lovers. It's my new reference point by which I judge all of my other conifer fragrances and I own quite a few. I've been on the hunt for the best coniferous fragrance available since the end of 2014. I wore Polo beginning in 1983 and the original Polo had an amazing pine note that brought me such happiness that when it was ultimately reformulated, the joy of that pine note was taken away. Life being what it is, I didn't focus on that loss for many years, but eventually I realized how much I wanted the find the perfect coniferous fragrance and so I've been searching for the last six years and discovering many wonderful fragrances along the way. I can now say that finding Fanghorn has become the culmination of that search. Nick Nilsson has captured the most wonderful conifer experience I've had. Fanghorn is marvelous beyond words. If you love conifer needle resin like I do, then you can't miss this beautiful fragrance. Bravo to Nick and his most excellent Fanghorn as well as all of his wonderful Pineward Perfumes!

18th February 2021