Falling into the Sea fragrance notes

    • lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, lychee, tropical flowers, warm sand

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This was more of a fruity-floral to me, rather than anything aquatic or marine. More of a beach, tropical vibe. Fresh, a bit simplistic, and more feminine leaning than masculine. I liked the story better than the scent itself.
22nd May 2022
Passionfruit lovers, this is for us! At least by my nose.
I wear this and it smells like the juiciest fresh passionfruit. There is also some aquatic with it, which is cool. I like fruity fragrances and I like more than one-note with some interest - so, I like this!
31st December 2021

Starts with a big citrus, smells like mandarin to me. But then it drops to a sweet aquatic with a hint of sage. Interesting evolution. Falling into the sea seems like a decent name. I do quite enjoy their literary panache.
1st February 2020
Falling into the Sea is definitely a pleasant scent. But, its also a little samey. Lychee sounds like it could be such a cool note, and I was excited to try it. But here it's swamped out by all the lemon and grapefruit. This is much more of a citrus fragrance than anything else. There's also some vague floralness that helps in the tropical vibe. But it all feels kinda nondescript, like I've basically smelled it all before. Definitely an easy wear, but not the best among the line, nothing grabs me to wear it again.
30th November 2019
Great name for a perfume! It's not really a marine smell, despite the name and the warm sand ingredient, whatever that is. It's more of a fresh flowershop vibe with a strong fruity shading in the direction of peach. OK I might be persuaded it's lychee but it smells more like peach to me.
A related type of fragrance is Miller and Bertaux number 17. Both very refreshing.
2nd November 2019
Fruity, citrusy opening with a smooth, spa-like scent underneath. The drydown becomes very "beachy" and leans feminine to my nose. Pretty sure my wife would love to wear this as it resembles vacation with suntan lotion and spa products.

Performance is good all around, with good, not loud, projection and longevity in the 5-6 hour range. After that, it's a skin scent into the 7-9 hour range after applying.
19th November 2018
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