Criminal Elements (2019)

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Fall by Criminal Elements

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Criminal Elements
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Corey Newcombe

Part of the 'Classic Elements' range.  Perfumer Corey Newcombe says: 

Fall was created after a turbulent start to 2019, and is my first gourmand oriental fragrance. Aromatics from bay laurel and cinnamon give warmth to the opening, while sweet birch lends a medicinal counterpoint to an otherwise amber-centric backbone. Vanilla adds softness through the dry-down, and oakmoss a herbal complexity to the base. A few things I fnd comforting in times of need have been sculpted as facets of the fragrance; the musty aroma of old books, the sweet woodiness of old-fashioned brewed creaming soda, and a camphorous, sweet labdanum-like aromatic that I encounter on hikes around Morialta which I still haven't managed to pinpoint; sweet and enchanting, and yet altogether quite elusive. This fragrance is close to my heart; may it bring you comfort and peace like it does for me.

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