Fairytale fragrance notes

    • pomegranate nectar, orange blossom, vanilla, warm amber. 

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O cool and breezy amber blowing like a wind
Are you even real
This way you make me feel

I didn't buy you thinking you were here to stay
So I missed you then
Until the other day.

Your magic blossom I refused to recognize
So your mystery
Would be more real to me

I smelled your picture's green that wasn't really there
And the sparkle of
Your copper golden hair

Your pomegranate nectar pouring out like wine
For infinity
To all who choose to see

Your perfect sweetness trapped in crystal for all time
Let its magic spell
Forever story tell

I set the clocks back to the moment that we met
Standing in the store
To happen evermore

All pasts all futures crossing as I breathed you then
Let the gift of time
Create all moments when

Spring summer winter fall and day night might arrive
Ev'ry fairy tale
By which one might regale

As endless endlesses then blossom endlessly
Joy in just this one
That in them all you see

O cool and twilight amber underneath all moons
Let your sparkle glow
That fairytale might grow

Should Heaven come upon you o so quietly
Let it come, my dear
That you might e'er be free

O cool and sparkling amber underneath all stars
Let infinity
Be its own gift to thee.
10th November 2023