Fairy Dust 
Paris Hilton (2008)

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Reviews of Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton

There are 7 reviews of Fairy Dust by Paris Hilton.

Orange and peachAn orange and each core with gardenia and floral notes. Like the whole scent, the vanilla is overtly synthetic, but overall not too bad on my skin. It lasts for four hours - acceptable.
Oct 28, 2013

Love the Perfume But Can't Stand Her. first spray a burst of To Me there's a note missing Pineapplethen in a couple of minutes it's heartfalls down to a creamy feel mixed with Green Tea it's very intoxicating 5
Aug 16, 2010

Smells like Juicy Couture, but lasts longer (Juicy Couture lasts up to two hours only). Similarity with Juicy is only with the top notes. Fairy Dust top notes are a bit bitter that Juicy's - there it's more aquatic feeling and a bit stronger too. Dry-down of Fairy Dust is also cute and really suits the name- sweet, but not sugary- the flower sweetness. packaging is simply beautiful and bottle cute too- minimalistic- nothing to add.
Apr 11, 2009

Fairy Dust is generically sweet fruity/floral "celebrity" fragrance. Not much too it -- it did not stand out to me at all. What is "Processo accord" exactly? Makes me think of cheap bubbly wine, and the perfume feels equally cheap. The Fairy Dust name is "cute" but it's about all to recommend this scent by. Totally forgettable.
Feb 14, 2009

Although I'm not into celebrity fragrances and am not a fan of Paris Hilton, I just smelled this in an ad for Macy's, and I like it. It smelled pleasant enough on the paper scent strip, but even better after being rubbed onto my skin, which is unusual for me. Unlike her other fragrances, I find this one distinctive and more my style. The ad shows Paris all done up in a turquoise fairy costume and the bottle's sprayer is turquoise. And it does give off kind of a turquoisey mood, IMO. (some fragrances don't smell like the color of bottle or liquid that they come in; i.e. Guerlain's Insolence doesn't smell pinky or Chloe's Narcisse doesn't smell greeny) It's light, fresh and crisp and somewhat lasting. It reminds me vaguely of Love's Rain Scent or a bit of Ralph Lauren's Pure Turquoise. I will buy it someday soon.
Dec 22, 2008

Gave this one an obligatory sniff at the department store counter...it smells like Juicy Couture's original fragrance. My daughter immediately declared it "a complete Juicy rip-off", so there you have it.
Oct 30, 2008

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