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Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

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Fahrenheit is a bright "green" fragrance and is popular today, twelve years after it's launch. It is a fragrance that whether you love it or hate it, it is instantly recognisable.

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Reviews of Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

There are 359 reviews of Fahrenheit by Christian Dior.

An incredibly tenacious fragrance in vintage formulation with an unmistakable piercing-petrol-sharp-leathery-floral invigorating freshness that brings back so many memories. It is one of the most easily recognizable fragrances when detected in the air. Nothing quite like it and it never gets old.

The finest use of a violet note in a men's scent that I know of, with a superbly constructed leather and petrol / gasoline accord and flame coloured bottle. I own 3 bottles or the first formulation EDT (30 and 33 Avenue Hoche printed on the label on the base) and an after shave from 1988. The current formulation pales in comparison. The first formulation is a real powerhouse and would be considered niche strength today, lasting in excess of 12 hours on my skin. A true classic which has suffered greatly from multiple reformulation since its initial release but the original will always be worth buying. Dior's greatest fragrance for men alongside Jules from 1981.

I am generally a Dior fragrance admirer, I have 3 of their best sellers.

But this one, is thumbs down.

My olfactory impression is this- if you have ever had a dry cleaning garment, for which they did half ass job and did not remove the solvent completely, the garment will smell of faint kerosene or gasoline like. I have had experience few times with some NY dry cleaners. Hence I cannot get that association out of my head. Apart from that, it smells vaguely of Trussardi Uomo, hints of Aramis, some Jules DNA (its a brother after all) and may be some Antaeus.

Would not spend money on this one without a generous testing if I was considering this one.

This was the first fragrance that I truly loved when I got it in my late teens; it remains one of the few designer frags I wear on a regular basis (in the Fall).

What more can be said- a still unique petrol and leather experience.

The modern reformulation lacks the longevity and monstrous sillage of the original and there might be something else missing, but I can't recall what it might be; enough is there (the memberberries definitely play a role in my overall high appraisal of this scent) for even modern reformulations to be FB worthy imo.

8.7 (modern formula)
9.1 (old school)

I would describe this as 'other worldly'.

If I could only have one fragrance, this would be it. Simply stunning.

You've spent the day at the dragstrip racing and tuning up your classic musclecar, and your shirt smells of gasoline, oil, and old leather. You can also faintly make out the aromatic, spicy barbershop scent you applied earlier in the day. You take a break to eat a cucumber sandwich seasoned with cracked pepper. That's Fahrenheit. What's not to love?

Despite the petroleum vibes, it is not at all a heavy feeling fragrance. The green and aromatic notes make this a nice warm weather wear, and it also has a bit of sweetness. As it dries down, it leaves you with some musky and leathery notes with just a hint of spice. It is complex and well balanced--a masterpiece. One of my go-to easy choice fragrances.

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