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Fahrenheit is a bright "green" fragrance and is popular today, twelve years after it's launch. It is a fragrance that whether you love it or hate it, it is instantly recognisable.

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Reviews of Fahrenheit by Christian Dior

There are 356 reviews of Fahrenheit by Christian Dior.

This was the first fragrance that I truly loved when I got it in my late teens; it remains one of the few designer frags I wear on a regular basis (in the Fall).

What more can be said- a still unique petrol and leather experience.

The modern reformulation lacks the longevity and monstrous sillage of the original and there might be something else missing, but I can't recall what it might be; enough is there (the memberberries definitely play a role in my overall high appraisal of this scent) for even modern reformulations to be FB worthy imo.

8.7 (modern formula)
9.1 (old school)
Jul 19, 2021

I would describe this as 'other worldly'.

If I could only have one fragrance, this would be it. Simply stunning.
May 21, 2021

You've spent the day at the dragstrip racing and tuning up your classic musclecar, and your shirt smells of gasoline, oil, and old leather. You can also faintly make out the aromatic, spicy barbershop scent you applied earlier in the day. You take a break to eat a cucumber sandwich seasoned with cracked pepper. That's Fahrenheit. What's not to love?

Despite the petroleum vibes, it is not at all a heavy feeling fragrance. The green and aromatic notes make this a nice warm weather wear, and it also has a bit of sweetness. As it dries down, it leaves you with some musky and leathery notes with just a hint of spice. It is complex and well balanced--a masterpiece. One of my go-to easy choice fragrances.
May 7, 2021

People use oil, gasoline, and petrol interchangeably and it confuses things.

I haven't smelled every iteration of Fahrenheit but I do have a pre-major-reformulation bottle and a bottle that dates to about 2018. They are both fantastic and each is recognizably Fahrenheit.

On my skin, vintage Fahrenheit is standing in your woodshed on a summer evening, looking out onto your yard. Behind you the lawnmower quietly cools off, the chopped-up grass stuck to the blades co-mingling with the smell of the lawnmower oil and the wood, and a soft breeze carries in the scent of various flowers from your yard (I get a lot of honeysuckle and violet). Nutmeg and patchouli round out the earthiness. Vintage Fahrenheit is truly a powerfully and singularly evocative and nostalgic scent.

The newer formulation I have doesn't quite get me there in that specific respect. But, it still carries that trademark oily lawnmower effect up top, albeit in an abstracted form, and it still has a transition into a slightly sweet, confidently floral mid that is nothing short of poetic. It may not smell as natural as the vintage or feel quite as heady an experience, but the ideas are still there and they are still executed well, especially given the current restrictions. The original hit such great heights that even in attenuated form it manages to still rock the socks.

Fahrenheit is still one of the best designer scents on the market.
Jan 6, 2021

I own a 50ml and a 100ml bottle of the vintage Fahrenheit. Back when it was introduced, I was oblivious to its existence, indeed, my nose was fairly untrained that I would probably not have appreciated it. Fast forward to my more mature years and I have developed a fascination with the "gasoline"-type scents. The initial thrill of Fahrenheit is, sadly, too short-lived; and while the dry-down does reveal an exquisite scent, it's the top note that is my crack. Even my wife likes the scent...after the dry down :-(
If you have never tried this juice, and you're willing to drop some coin for the original formulation, imo, it would be well-worth your effort.
Dec 22, 2020

With Farenheit there is such a polarized reaction it is astounding from deep reverence to complete loathing. For the same fragrance. Having learned that some fragrances take a few wears to 'get' and understand in order to enjoy I took the plunge.

I mow. I have a gas lawnmower. It's old and has grass clippings caked on it. I'm kinda sloppy when I put gas in it. I fire it up and start my first passes and Christian Dior somehow made that the opening of Farenheit. After getting over being totally flabbergasted that my fossil fuel burning mundane yard task has been 'cologned' I have convinced myself to give it some time and a few more wears.

**Not surprisingly, this is now in my top 10. My original 2013 version definitely has a stronger 'fuel' note. The current bottle I just received recently has that initial note toned down in comparison, which is ironically dissapointing since that opening hit me as intense as it did originally, yet became part of the joy of the composition for me. Also the dry down has a slight bit more 'amber-y' almost sweetness vs dry leather of the older version. That isn't a deal breaker but I like the older version better.

Sep 29, 2020

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