Fahrenheit 32 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Orange Blossom
  • Heart

    • Vetiver
  • Base

    • Vanilla

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A really interesting, non-Fahrenheit resembling flanker of Fahrenheit!!!

This scent is echoed in newer scents like Azzaro Chrome Pure, Givenchy Pi Neo, and Kenneth Cole Mankind, as well as The One by D&G: Simple, fresh, a touch of sweetness with a sniglet of tanginess. Fahrenheit 32 is nearly in the same league as typical "sport" flankers (e.g. Dior Homme Sport to the original Dior Homme), although - in this case - Fahrenheit 32 bears NO resemblance to the original. And this scent lasts a LONG time on me - over 12 hours!!

The first thing that really caught my attention is that there is no typical gasoline tang to this one. It hits you with the shiny floral sweetness of the orange blossom, rounded out by a very laid-back vetiver that bears no sharp green / herbal kick. The vanilla in the base offers the oriental shimmer that sets this flanker WAY apart from the other Fahrenheits.

That may be a good thing, esp. if Fahrenheit in general doesn't connect with you. For fans of the original like me, this flanker is a shock to be sure, but I'm open-minded enough to judge it on its own merits...and it's a nice outing. I don't know if I'd make it a regular part of my "wardrobe", but for the occasional foray into a fresh, different direction.

31st March 2017
A rather tantalizing offering from the house of Dior. It seems like they tried their hand at creating a minimal smell that gives off an air of cool calmness, but this really sums up to a dud in my opinion.

Starts off semi-sweet with a blast of orange blossom supported by a dry vanilla accord. The two mingle with each other in a mostly linear combination while the Vetiver slowly turns up to give a more nuanced feel to the whole composition. But in the end, this just smells like a forgettable aromatic white floral/vanilla smell with not much in the way of longevity or sillage. More feminine than masculine (but not much) to my nose and simply devoid of any kind of standout features.

If you expect anything resembling the overpowering nature of the original or any of the originality, you'll be very disappointed. Not that a complex smell is always necessary. That is why Fahrenheit 32 is kind of pleasant to wear in Spring or early Fall if you just want a pleasant cloud of vanilla following you.

Longevity: 3-4 hours for me
Sillage: Moderate in warm weather, Weak in colder weather
7th February 2017

As others have suggested, it's perhaps unfortunate that this has Fahrenheit in its name because that naturally draws comparison.

I agree that it's best to think of this as its own scent.

And, I've come to like it a lot.

It took multiple wearings, but this is great stuff: that orange/vanilla type accord really works for me.

28th January 2017
A dark, harsh, chemical-smelling Fahrenheit flanker.
26th September 2016
I think Buysblind's review captures the feel of this one well. I don't get much of the original in 32, but I suppose it's a juxtaposition rather than a comparison.

32 is wearable, long-lasting and versatile. I wore it to an outdoor wedding over the Labor Day weekend and was pleased with my choice. Might have been a tad cloying had I been inside the whole time, though I've also worn this to the office (one spray to the chest).

Overall, I'd categorize it as a more youthful spring/fall fragrance. It's fun. Imagine a "sun dog" on a cool spring day. You know, those rainbow-colored ice crystals on either side of the sun. Cool, yet bright. A happy, mostly unchallenging scent.

Mont Blanc's Legend Spirit captures these same aspects, as well, though perhaps less refined. I haven't sampled both side-by-side, but for anyone smitten by 32, Spirit might be worth a look.

17th September 2016
So this is my first review here on BN....Anyway, I have just really recently been starting a modest collection and don't have a keen enough nose yet to pick out individual notes in most scents; I usually am more concerned with the fragrance as a whole. But in F32, I can definitly detect the Orange Blossom and Vanilla at the top and the Vetiver in the base.

When I first tested this out at the local Sephora I was taken aback at its uniqueness but couldn't stop sniffing my arm, It grew on me pretty quickly and I picked up a FB. Contrary to what one would think, F32 works best in the winter (at least for me). Longevity wise, I get a solid 8 hours.

Yes, its not the most masculine fragrance out there and I am still reluctant to wear it to work, but I have enjoyed it immensely.

Scent: 8/10
Longevity: 8/10
Sillage: 9/10

Thumbs up for me!
16th June 2016
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