Another "Summer" version of Fahrenheit.

Fahrenheit 0 Degrés fragrance notes

  • Head

    • citrus
  • Heart

    • violet, freesia, sandal
  • Base

    • patchouli, cedar

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This smells like a spin off of Fahrenheit Summer to me. I think Fahrenheit Summer smells more like original Fahrenheit, and I prefer it, but this is also really nice. It is similarly light, and feels like it was made for summer. It uses some typical-smelling aroma chemicals that last a long time, but they're inoffensive, and they're used in a light dosage. It gives the fragrance a more modern feel, hip and sexy.
2nd July 2018
A blast of citrus, aqueous flowers, aromatic herbs and mint turns out refreshing in a modern way. This formula is less stressed on the oily-petroleous and violet notable original Fahrenheit's effects while is more cool, orangy, slightly aromatic and airy with a touch of calone in my opinion. The base is sharp and cedary.  Not bad.
18th March 2012

Interesting, but i honestly find it too citrussy. I prefer the "normal" Fahrenheit Summer.
18th January 2006