Façonnable Stripe 
Façonnable (2005)

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Reviews of Façonnable Stripe by Façonnable

There are 7 reviews of Façonnable Stripe by Façonnable.

Faconnable Stripe is a solid fragrance for anyone looking for a fresh, long-lasting, and versatile fragrance. It begins with a citrus/minty vibe that is later joined by the spices of the middle which create a light, sweet smelling aroma. The fresh sweetness definitely brings to mind the smell of coconuts by the beach, and in this way the fragrance can appear to smell somewhat aquatic. Lastly, the scent finishes with a light amber note, complemented by cedar and musk.The scent is never loud, but its always there and perceptible with decent sillage. However, the smell itself is clear and not heavy. It lasts about 8hrs making it just right for the office, but its versatile enough to be worn as a fresh alternative to the spicy, woody orientals commonly worn during the evening. For the price, the ingredients used are high quality making this a great choice for someone looking for an economical purchase.
Jul 12, 2010

Faconnable Stripe!Stripes as in a gentleman’s suit, I assume.It’s a gentleman’s perfume.Light/ airy.Unfortunately, it doesn’t evolve through it’s short life.Despite 8-12 note over 3 levels.That rarely happens for me, most fragrance stays with me for long.It’s with scents as with food, the smell / taste is still thereand our receptors picks it all up.It’s the brain that gets bored.Meaning, we don’t receive information.Don't believe that’s the case with this one
Mar 5, 2010

just another fresh scent, which is tranparent and with just hints of green & spices. overall, smells like another coty creation for Adidas watered down...
Sep 20, 2009

Although not in the pyramid, my own impression of this (before I looked at the pyramid) was of a mainly sweet coconut, slightly minty, very pleasant start, followed pretty quickly by a clean just-showered, clean-smelling and soapy, feintly marine-ish base, and not much else until it fades away 4 or 5 hours later. I would probably buy again (at a lowish price) for its relative obscurity. Will not offend many, day or night. Good, classic glass bottle, matt aluminium click-on cap attached with blue cord.
May 26, 2007

This is by all means a quite pleasant fragrance…! But after been sniffing it three days in a row now, I come to the conclusion that it is exactly what to be expected by it, if associating stripes with the stripes on a shirt - an office scent! It is nothing more, but on the other hand nothing less. The longevity is descent and it is over all a non intrusive fragrance, even after you’ve just put it on, which might come in handy when you have a board meeting after that really delicious kabanoss and sourkraot-lunch and want to freshen up. In any case, Stripes is OK but lacks those Stars that make the composition complete.
Apr 12, 2007

Got this as a gift recently and quite like it. Supposedly it has something to do with Façonnable getting in touch with their roots on the French Riviera, so I can see where they are going with some of the aquatic notes here. Nothing especially spectacular, yet nice for daytime and office wear. There's a sort of saltiness in there that reminds me of the more "high-seas" marine scents like Erolfa and Vintage Yachting Co., but this time around it's in more of a contemporary young-ish base that's slightly musky at the same time. Fresh, spicy and woodsy? Yep. I can see all of those, too.
Mar 15, 2007

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