Façonnable Homme 
Façonnable (2002)

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Reviews of Façonnable Homme by Façonnable

There are 8 reviews of Façonnable Homme by Façonnable.

Strange fragrance that I smell above all super mentholated and green, than furthermore fruity, salty and woodsy with a touch of final musky smoothness. The first blast is all mint, citrus and a touch of aromatic lavender. The neroli accord starts to exhale higher just few minutes after the first spray but ends progressively to lose its strength and to be combined with a lot of fruity and floral notes. Cedar keeps a sharp feel going on with the journey. The base is common with the initial eucalyptol turning in to a synthetic metallic-ozonic note slightly soothed by a touch of amber, vanilla and musk. Sandalwood provides a dose of stable structure to the woodsy base. Boring, undistinguished and yes, gross. Another drop in the ocean of perfumes.
Apr 19, 2011

Faconabble Homme was just about meh..it would a be safe buy for someone who is new to perfumes though..fresh, powdery, musky floral with hints of spices and vanilla. not bad, especially for the price...but not too interesting too..
Sep 20, 2009

Nice and fresh in the beginning, ugly and unnerving at the end. My only favorite part is the opening (like with many perfumes). This one gets a thumbs down for being bland.
Jul 27, 2008

One of the first EDT I bought. I liked it at the time (in my early twenties), but I've moved on. Nowadays I still wouldn't call it a bad smell, but a bit simple and synthetic...
May 17, 2008

This is one of those “What were they thinking?” fragrances. Fruity / floral / green—watermelon, orange blossom, and mint—in a quite unlikable accord: first synthetic then it quickly changes to just plain boring except for the disagreeable background note that doesn’t seem to belong to anything. The middle notes are no better. There is an unattractive vegetal note in there that couples with a tiny bit of a moldy aftersmell—fortunately it doesn’t last very long. The base practically disappears on me—it is musky and a little woody with some vanilla and/or amber for sweetness—besides its lack of strength, the base isn’t too bad. Façonnable Homme doesn’t SEEM grossly synthetic, but there’s that undeniable metallic taste in the back of the mouth...
Apr 6, 2007

Nasty, not the worst, but not nice at all. Fresh start, warmer middle notes, sweeter base, boring and common. Wouldn't give it another try.
Jan 16, 2006

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