Facets fragrance notes

    • Jasmine, tuberose, violet, sandalwood, labdanum, frankincense, oakmoss, resin, musk

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Facets is a perfume of another time, which in a way is still there. But in the style of the big florals of the 80s, hard to decompose in a few notes. Seems like a wholly reconstructed bouquet of flowers where non remained the seems as in the normal world. I wouldn't say this is a romantic fragrance, or even sexy. It is not sexy like you want "sexy" to be. It is more "surrender, bithch"-kind of sexy. It is definitely not a friendly scent. It is so luscious and perfectly blended. To me it is an almost creamy floral that has struck an enviable balance in all it's notes. It is decidedly mature, without being elderly.

The top is spicy, and has the 80's style. It all unfolds to, and is held up by a sweet woody incensy benzoin base. Add a hefty dose of amber, and oakmoss. The white floral notes makes it a complex blend in true 80s tradition. Nothing shouty, loud, or in your face this is: it is true complexity, imo, lies in the fact that it is a big scent but in a discreet way. In the right doses, this is specific warm scent for chilly nights, the opera, symphony or any candlelit event where your scent needs to be distinctive, original and elegant. Any lover of bombastic 80s white florals should get their hands on this, although Facets discontinued.
26th June 2022
How sad this is disontinued I liked it. I can't compare Facets with any other fragrance or find one that has any similarity. I almost certain that this used to have another name early on but I can't remember it now. The bottle used to be so pretty too, like a rare sapphire mounted on a beautiful gold setting. I don't really care normally for scents featuring myrrh or frankincense but this one used it nicely and lightly, this frag was never overwhelming even when applied with a heavy hand. Perfect for late fall or winter.
13th October 2010

Facets was one of my first "grown up" perfumes in my early teenage years. I first tried this while in Germany, so this brings back good memories for me. Spicy floral with sharp frankincense notes. Lovely, but sadly long discontinued.
20th February 2006