F pour Homme Black 
Salvatore Ferragamo (2009)

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Salvatore Ferragamo
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Olivier Polge

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Reviews of F pour Homme Black by Salvatore Ferragamo

There are 41 reviews of F pour Homme Black by Salvatore Ferragamo.

I dont feel like I need to review this in any way, other than to say this... F Black is hands down the best value in mens fragrance! There is no other scent which can compete for less than $25/100ml (retail)! None!
If it's not in your collection, it should be.
Nov 10, 2020

I like this..... I dont love it... bit I like it a lot, creamy Lavander and very smooth and powdery.
It could easily be a signature scent for an office.

Scent 7.9
Performance 6.9
Silage 7.0

Decent everyday ware and for the price I would deffo recommend.
Jun 22, 2020

If you've had some familiarity with his work, the Polge-ness of Ferragamo F pour Homme Black will be unmistakable.

This powdery, peppery lavender-vanilla scent is unexciting but commendable.
Jun 18, 2020

Warm black pepper meets calming Lavender, a hint of sweetness from tonka bean, a touch of green spice from coriander, and the dirty leather of landanum.
May 6, 2020

It's so so. Sweet, incensey, resinous. Thought I detected some patchouli. Maybe it's the black pepper being quite ethereal. Certainly not the typical masculin pepperiness you get in other scents.

Maybe I'm not that excited because I've smelled something like this before. I actually mixed up that one myself. I do remember upon first smelling this kind of combo that I really liked it.
Dec 24, 2019

I bought this one blind on a recommendation from a friend. First impression (2 sprays to the arm) was not good, as I initially found it cloyingly heavy on the lavender and a bit too feminine/powdery for my liking. My tastes typically shy away from the frags with heavy Iris, Lavender, Rose, etc. My opinion remained that way for a few months as I never gave it a true SOTD wearing, and it was actually relegated to my guest bathroom as a room freshener. Fast forward to last week, that same friend who recommended it brought it up in conversation and I briefly described how I felt about the frag. Subsequently, he suggested that I send it to him for free since I didn't care for it. We worked out a trade and I told him I'd mail it to him within a week or so. This prompted me to finally circle back and give it an honest wearing before I let it go. I was able to come to terms with the punchingly loud Lavender opening which, as the day went on, allowed me to experience the evolution of the frag more completely. Much to my pleasant surprise, after the initial opening calms down (1-2 hrs), the mid note of coriander begins to come through very pleasantly and seems expertly blended in the way it reveals itself. The mid-notes then seamlessly transitioned into a beautifully delicious dry-down, where what I assume is the Labdanum, shows up in a very sophisticated and masculine tone yet softened by a bit of Tonka. Still along for the ride, the Lavender note remains present, but in a more subtle and smooth way. Aside from the punchy opening (which has actually grown on me) this one seems expertly blended and has the feel of a niche quality product. I would not consider it in direct competition with La Nuit, as it has too much of it's own personality. Rather, as another reviewer stated, this would be an excellent day wear and one could easily transition to La Nuit for evening wear. Needless to say, I will have to renegotiate the deal with my buddy. Perhaps it's just me, but I've found that with many frags, it takes a few wearings for it to present itself completely, from opening to drydown. I don't know if it has to do with oxygen being introduced to the bottle or whatever, but I've experienced it with several frags. I'm still blown away by the dry-down, so if you can get past the Lavender-heavy opening, you may be pleasantly surprised.
Oct 3, 2019

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