F pour Homme Black fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Lavender
  • Heart

    • Black Pepper, Coriander
  • Base

    • Labdanum, tonka

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Olivier Polge does such a great job with the lavender and black pepper into tonka in F Pour Homme Black This scent plays nice, and comes across with a bit of class. With it's nod to a certain level of 'noir', it would appeal to those that have a fondness for the progeny of Drakkar Noir. It is like a 21st Century relative, like a nephew. The joy of FPHB is the quality for the price. It is a pleasing, office safe, powdery lavender and black pepper scent. It has only moderate(so safe) projection and fades into subtlety after a couple of hours so this is not a powerhouse. It is very well priced, so for the beauty of the fragrance this is an easy add to bulk up a collection of wearable fragrances.
If you were to run across this for $30 or less at a TJMaxx or a discounter I would definitely consider it blind buy worthy. I received this as a blind buy and was pleasantly surprised. Thumbs up.
4th August 2022
A nice, pleasant, easy to wear aromatic, masculine fragrance that would be a good versatile signature scent. Suitable for summer, spring and autumn and most occasions. It is not bold or over-projecting, yet it has reasonable performance, smells good and for the price it is a gem. Ferragamo F Black opens with tonka and I get the lavender in the opening. I would say that the scent is fairly linear to my nose, except that I notice that the pepper becomes a bit more prominent during the dry-down giving a nice hint of spice in the background. Ferragamo F Black is perhaps not a unique head turner or compliment getter but it is a very decent, well blended and wearable scent; and is very good value. I get a good 7 hours of longevity from Ferragamo F Black and with arm length projection for the first 3 hours at least. Definitely a great find and if you're looking for a good signature scent with a nice tonka (vanilla), lavender and a hint of spice then I'd highly recommend this.
16th December 2021

F Black is perhaps the quintessential “cheap gem” promoted by fragbro YouTube influencers. To their credit, if not for their incessant hocking of it in Top 10s along with other favorites like Nautica Voyage, I never would’ve stumbled upon F Black given its cheap plastic nameplate and the brand’s horrifically distorted bottle.

F Black opens with a fleeting trio of citrus, lavender and apple. The citrus and lavender notes are forgettable. However, a few years later this apple note would develop super-powers after being exposed to radiation in a freak accident, then return in the likes of Versace Eros and PDM Layton. From here, we quickly transition to lovely black pepper notes on a warm-ish base of tonka.

In creating F Black, I wonder if perfumer Olivier Polge consulted with father-dearest, Jacques, because to me F Black has a solid resemblance to OG Chanel Allure Homme.

Projection is decent but longevity is piss-poor. I haven’t smelled older bottles but I suspect F Black has been reformulated, and is now a “direct-to-VHS” release to grey market websites and bargain bin retailers.

At $25-$35 for 100ml, it’s a great pickup, especially since it has Olivier Polge’s fingerprints on it, but overall it’s unnecessary if you already own Allure Homme or Eros.
21st November 2021
I dont feel like I need to review this in any way, other than to say this... F Black is hands down the best value in mens fragrance! There is no other scent which can compete for less than $25/100ml (retail)! None!
If it's not in your collection, it should be.
10th November 2020
I like this..... I dont love it... bit I like it a lot, creamy Lavander and very smooth and powdery.
It could easily be a signature scent for an office.

Scent 7.9
Performance 6.9
Silage 7.0

Decent everyday ware and for the price I would deffo recommend.
22nd June 2020
If you've had some familiarity with his work, the Polge-ness of Ferragamo F pour Homme Black will be unmistakable.

This powdery, peppery lavender-vanilla scent is unexciting but commendable.
18th June 2020
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