F by Ferragamo pour Homme Free Time 
Salvatore Ferragamo (2011)

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Reviews of F by Ferragamo pour Homme Free Time by Salvatore Ferragamo

There are 8 reviews of F by Ferragamo pour Homme Free Time by Salvatore Ferragamo.

Not a fan. The grapefruit note is actually nice when first sprayed, but then it took on an almost aquatic note that I just couldn't stand. Was very cloying to me and has beast mode longevity and sillage on me. The sprayer on the bottle was also complete crap and it leaked all over onto the carpet. Not happy about that. Anyway, it reminded me a bit of Costa Azurra by Tom Ford...which I don't care for either. Just can't get into this one, but I can see where some would find this to be a decent frag, and it's very affordable as well.
Jan 28, 2017

Another citrusy cologne yet unlike the-ever-the-same-citrusy-scent, this one is worth to try. In my case, it even worth to buy. I need to have one of this type for wearing on hot day here and I chose F Free Time over many other citrusy because it doesn't smell cheap.
Dec 4, 2014

f by ferragamo pour homme is one of the better expensive colognes out there. good scent that last long. I liked this one very much.
Jan 6, 2014

a different smell. wood and spice- clean and light.
May 13, 2013

Free Time Rocks..!! Definitely a Top Ten fragrance...!!!

I am back..!!! It has been a while since my last review - you guys know the deal - working long hours, a couple of business trips, and the yearly golf trip to Myrtle Beach. I just wish my game were better..!! Keep it in the short grass, right..??

What better way to come back than with Free Time.. For those of you that like aqua and citrus fragrances, this one is for you. What is the old saying - often imitated, but never duplicated..?? Yeah, I get it that there are a number of aqua/citrus fragrances out there - Free Time is easy on the nose and unique in it's own way. It comes out of the bottle with a blast of citrus/lemon, but the beauty is, it settles into a scent of aquatic and citrus that is pleasant without overwhelming. The finishing notes of musk are subtle, but detectable...

I am so impressed with the fragrance that I have placed it in my Top Ten. Free Time offers above average projection and sillage. The longevity of the fragrance is also above average, lasting six (6) to eight (8) hours on the skin and even longer on clothing.

Regarding the "Wow Factor", I have not received any compliments - but I have only worn it once (today). It is a great scent and I am confident the compliments waiting to happen. Sweetie likes it, but she prefers the more heavy leathery, spicy, or woodsy scents. Given the type of fragrance, I would suggest that Free Time is a summer scent, but for any occasion. (Personally, I I like the fragrance so much, I would or could wear it during any season or for any event). For those who have not tried Ferragamo fragrances, go for it - perhaps a best kept secret. The only ones I have tried that didn't care for are the original (red box) cologne and the (white box) platinum edition - the others are fantastic.

Another beauty about Free Time is the price/value. Currently selling for mid-$30s for a large bottle and dropping. For that price, you will not be disappointed.

The packaging is first class and the bottle is nicely designed. A bit cumbersome, but unique and easy on the eyes. I am fond of those bottles with, at least, a portion clear to see the clarity of the fragrance - kinda like fine wine or a classy bourbon (I managed to use "classy" and "bourbon" in the same sentence - wow..!!).

My final tally for Free Time is 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. I am a fan and I definitely recommend adding to your collection. The fragrance is fantastic and for the money - go for it.. Be a leader today and change the world...
May 9, 2013

it's been dun a million times. light citrus, a touch of spice (cardamon and pepper) with a musky background. good for warm weather as a pleasant enough daytime/casual scent but that's it..
Jan 27, 2013

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