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Sweet orange blossom on top. Big jasmine bouquet that becomes sweeter in the middle. The rose however, is smothered by all the sweetness. I find it uplifting overall. It smells cheap - I kind of really love that about it. It's kitsch in a bottle.
12th September 2018
Sweeter than a Halloween hangover, F by Ferragamo seems to be at odds with the quality of scents we associate with Francis Kurkdjian. Touted as a floral scent with rose, neroli and jasmine in its heart, F is in fact a scent that focuses on a candy-like sweetness wielding all of the impact of blunt force trauma. Later, in the dry down, the floral notes emerge, with an almost rubbery tuberose note joining the other florals. This lacks the development and layered counterpoint of Kurkdjian's signature style and it would be interesting to know what his creative brief from Ferragamo was. F has been compared to the notoriously sweet Amarige, whose sweetness comes from honeyed fruit instead of sugared candy. I can see the connection, but F feels heavy-handed and a bit dull by comparison. For women who long for the sweet shop and the candies of their youth, this might work; I cannot imagine a man wearing this successfully.
6th November 2017

Smells like cheap candy necklace candy (the kind that look like SweetTarts but aren't) and florals . I think the Jasmine and Orange Blossom aren't working for me in this (it may be the quality of the ingredients or the amount ..hmmm..)
I agree that it does go cheap and chemical.
21st November 2011
Just by looking at the bottle, one could forgive you for thinking that this would be a strong, perhaps spicy or dominating scent.

In reality, F by Ferragamo is quite sweet, flowery and feminine.

The initial sweetness in the opening certainly took me by surprise. My nose was assaulted with something that smelt like a bag full of lollies. Thankfully this was a scent that I rather enjoyed.

Later a peppery, almost spicy note made an appearance, adding an unusual twist and providing a good introduction for the entrance of the orange blossom, jasmine and rose notes. I feared that this fragrance would become quite boring with the presence of such predictable florals, however the scent stayed true to its strange yet unique beginning.

I think this fragrance would suit anyone of any age, it has enough versatility to do so. It also could be worn all year round, throughout every season. I urge you all to give F by Ferragamo a try.

5th June 2011
The instant association is pink bubblegum, which just lasts and lasts.This isn't bad - it's just not for me. Too sweet, too much.
15th April 2010
Very sweet, candy shop opening. Dries down into a alto tone of white florals and musk. A bit on the heavy side.
7th November 2009
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