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Extraordinary by Avon

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A warm, oriental fragrance.

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Reviews of Extraordinary by Avon

There are 11 reviews of Extraordinary by Avon.

Like a diet coke with a slice of champagne cake and a bite of chocolate on a silver - fork. Extraordinary makes me think of a blond actress,cold and always keeping distance but so irresistant, monumental beauty of woman's charm.it has icy spikes of distance but at the same time soft velvety touch of dark chocolate.

It's a refreshing but slightly spicy citrus-floral that makes you look forward to spring.based on the notes listed i expected something quite different,but i am pleased enough with the result to it put for spring. starts off with a peppery citrusy patchouli top notes dry down into velvety dark chocolate.pure elegance with no room for behaving badly.it's refined & poised with a floral bouquet of utter femininity.

Luxury in a bottle with one spray your addicted! the opening starts off with a blast of Rich dark Chocolate with a nuance of pepper and an unsual concoction of tangerine and grapefruitfor the drying down. Ginger is easy to detect but the chocolate is the dominate note here orchid with it's semi-sweet Orchid as the suporting basis. the drydown has an bitter end with sandalwood the patchouli is barly noticable the musk makes it sexy with musk can make perfumes sexy. animalistic qualties are prevalent in one single spray.

Blackberry musk, candied pink grapefruit peel, white chocolate, bittersweet chocolate, champagne, orange liqueur, vanilla bourbon, sandalwood

good price tag, i get complimented when i wear this, my friend didnt believe it was by avon, smells good enough to eat

The initial burst of chocolate is almost startling reminding me of a 'Jaffa' a chocolate coated mandarin confectionary eaten at cinemas in Australia. For this outrageous opening, alone, 'Extraordinary' is worth trying. The dry down is quite delightful. The chocolate gourmand tones are subdued by the warm vanilla and musk amply assisted by the patchouli and sandalwood as the sillage remains fresh and warm but never cloying. Although intended for females, I wear it for fun. It is a surprisingly effective counterpoint fragrance for Salvatore Ferragamo pour Homme.

Probably the best female Avon I have smelled, but on me it lasted about five minutes. I think it would be very good on someone's skin that could hold it. I mostly smelled the grapefruit and chocolate.

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