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It undoubtedly smells powerfully of freshly cut limes. However it is exceptionally short lived, I found it undetectable after 30 minutes.

I could see it working really well applied in the barber's chair, but I can't see a circumstance where I would use it.
8th April 2021
Sharp and quite enjoyable lime blast on the opening but the scent has completely gone within half an hour.
31st March 2021

Sparkly, sugared lime. Sweet enough to start smelling a bit fake, but the uplifting lime jellybean aroma is fun and pleasant.

A few minutes later, the lime is overtaken by earthy, musky lavender and the whole thing gets a bit soapy. I can smell the remnants of the lime, but this is really a lavender scent for most of its life.

So, I think the topnotes are fun but kind of silly and short-lived, and the lavender is acceptable but unremarkable. I think I have to vote neutral.
8th September 2020
Fleeting yet authentic Lime...

I have tried a few lime fragrances, and can say that this one does open with a very authentic burst of freshly cut lime. I have lime essential oil, and can tell you that the oil used here is of a high quality. No other ingredient need be used, because if the oil is good enough it is multi-faceted enough to be a fragrance.

Having said that, this is not a perfume or an eau de toilette, this is an extremely traditional eau de cologne which was meant only as a refresher throughout the day. So if you are looking for a fragrance to last and wear, look elsewhere (and there are very good an interesting options out there). I would say that if price is an issue, you could go for other options, but as a refresher and an authentic top note this is fantastic, just don't expect it to last more than a few minutes. Lime in all it's glory, but only for a brief instant, before fading into the air. Meant more as a quick spray to refresh yourself in hot weather, so for all other situations probably not good value for money.
26th August 2018
I have worn this over the years and absolutely love the fresh burst of lime but it is over so quickly that it is a difficult one to wear. I have often wondered if using the whole range--cologne, aftershave, shaving soap, etc. might not help. This has been a staple for Sloane Rangers of all nationalities and is the perfect scent for a gentleman who is not really comfortable wearing a scent at all. As it is, this is a fleeting delight to wear and it set the bar high for all of the other famous lime scents that followed--Royall, St. Johns, etc. Due to the lack of staying power, a neutral rating, but this is wonderful in many ways--while it lasts!
4th February 2015
If you could put a nozzle onto a fresh lime you'd get this ...A very impressive lime scent from trumpers that is probably the most genuine and honest lime fragrance out there. However don't get too excited as the smell has disappeared by the time you have gone from bathroom to bedroom to kiss the Mrs goodbye. Maybe this could be used to spray around the rim of a mojito glass for that finishing touch. Would make a great pick me up on a coach trip or flight.
6th November 2014
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