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Reviews of Explorer by Montblanc

There are 25 reviews of Explorer by Montblanc.

If you like the pineapple note go for it: sweet, balsamic, powdery but lacks depth and complexity but it smells very good and sexy, I like it, is well crafted, nevertheless why Montblanc has to copy Creed's Adventus success by making a pineapple scent? The difference is abysmal: Adventus is more complex blending salty notes with musk and ambergris to the tropical caramelized pineapple, in Montblanc's Explorer the quality and complexity are not there, is just a blend of aroma chemicals . I get tired after a while, the pineapple goes on and on and on eternally. Monster projection and ideal for a hot summer day on the beach or a social event like a wedding. Unisex.
Nov 10, 2021

An enjoyable scent to wear, however it doesn't last long. About 3 hours after the dry down it becomes a very intimate scent. Montblanc Explorer opens with a nice fruity, sweet bergamot note and then settles to what I perceive as a masculine vanilla note. It projects reasonably well for the first couple of hours and longevity is moderate. This is a good signature fragrance and suits most casual occasions, such as going out to dinner, having drinks, or at work. I have received a few compliments and some positive attention while wearing it. It's obviously not a ground breaking fragrance but I'm happy with it and think for the price it is good value and worth having in my collection.
May 6, 2021

One of those generic&popular fagrances that makes a lot of complements from ladies like "Oh,you smell so good".it's similar to aventus.the scent makes you want to eat yourself and hug yourself.It opens with a burst of sharp,fresh,bright and citrusy note.the spicy notes described in the opening,feel like a mix of pepper and other soft spices.than as it lingers on the skin,luminous citrus slowly give way to a woody,elegant, ambery and musky blend with a wisper of gentle flowers.finally, the cacao pod and patchouli joins the blend adding a touch of sweetness.in fact the opening is a little bit juvenile and it's quickly transformed into a mature woody scent.this would be suitable for business or smart casual attire.Sillage and longevity are average.
Dec 27, 2020

I came into this testing with very low expectations. And although they were kind of met, with Explorer very much betraying the designed-by-accountants kind of vibe I thought would be there, there are some positives, if that's not stating things too strongly.

Although there is a strong ambroxan presence, it's not overpowering. There is a decent savoury-herbal opening. And although many of most alluring designated notes are laughably absent, the drydown is fairly coherent, making for a dark, taut masculine that's at least wearable.

Worse than Aventus, better than Sauvage, identical to a whole series of other designer scents tenuously connected to the outdoors - all check.
Oct 12, 2020

I can't tell if this is an Aventus clone as I've never smelled Aventus, but what I can tell is that Explorer is close to if not 100% Davidoff Champion. Not a bad scent, but far from original and impressive. If this really is what that overpriced Aventus smells like than just go with the cheapest of the three, Davidoff Champion.
Jun 19, 2020

This must be the best fragrance that Montblanc has released to date. Similar to Aventus, but not a clone -
for starters, there's no fruity pineapple in the opening. But the fragrance accords are otherwise very similar, albeit more slightly different, more synthetic, and not at the same level of performance as Aventus.

Nonetheless, a really great fragrance, I find very delightful and immensely enjoyable every time I go back to it wearing it. I enjoy smelling it on myself again and again, throughout it's duration, as I do with other top fragrances, but the biggest difference is this is at a much more affordable price! What's not to like? Thumbs way up for me.
May 9, 2020

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