Exotic Coconut fragrance notes

  • Head

    • tropical fruit, red berries
  • Heart

    • toasted coconut, milk accord, vanilla bean
  • Base

    • creamy musk, warm sandalwood, tonka bean

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Latest Reviews of Exotic Coconut

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This is one of the best summer fragrances. It has the sweet smell of coconut but the sandalwood & musk keep it from smelling like suntan oil. Lasting power is very good, especially if you layer with the lotion.
27th May 2008
This one, as opposed to the coconut lime verbena scent by B&BW , is very much like the suntan lotion, “coconut” smelling type of fragrance. The thing is, this says it has toasted coconut and I'm inclined to believe in it, I would like to add also, that the tropical fruits and the red berries give it a sort of sweet cane-sugar like note that combined with the coconut makes a very "warm ‘n hot" scent with a fuzzy , creamy base that feels like velvet with vanilla cream, almost like a custard of sorts. I'm not a milk fan, and in general the milk accord works on only so many people as it tends to go bad on the skin rapidly, but here it's not as milky as I was afraid of. The other notes overpower that one by far. It has tons of sillage and the longevity seems so-so but it feels very nice and intense.
20th June 2007