Ex'cla.ma'tion Star fragrance notes

  • Head

    • blackcurrant, orange blossom
  • Heart

    • white violet, pink pepper
  • Base

    • vanilla, sandalwood, musk

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I would really like to give this a half thumbs up. At first, when this was first launched, I was pretty excited. The advertising campaigns marketed it as a scent which embodied hollywood star-style, glamour and confidence. However once I smelt this it was so musky, vanillary and subtle, it struck me as a shy girl fragrance (or a sy girl wanting to be more confident scent, maybe this is what the ads were aiming at?). Here I was expecting something wild, sparkly and maybe even fruity but what I got was the opposite.The lasting power, like with all other Ex'cla.ma'tion lines, is pretty weak. This one seemed to last only 2 and a half hours even though I have oily skin which is meant to be able to retain scents for a longer period of time. The scent itself is mediocre- not good, not bad. The bottle is pretty, there's even fine glitter in this, but the anticlimax I had when smelling the scent was disappointing.
28th February 2006