Each Imaginary Authors fragrances come with a backstory. Every Storm a Serenade is:

When Stina, a burgeoning writer, decamps to her mother’s summer house for the winter to write a book, her trip overlaps for one day (and one steamy night) with a brawny fisherman named Ulv. While she struggles to gain traction with her novel, her fixation on the mysterious seafarer results in countless unsent letters, the contents of which chronicle the spiraling psyche of lust and longing. Set on the desolate west coast of Denmark during the tourist off-season, Every Storm a Serenade is a meditative masterwork that will lull you with its well-designed sentences and intimate tone. 

Every Storm a Serenade fragrance notes

    • danish spruce, eucalyptus, vetiver, calone, ambergris, baltic sea mist

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A new favorite. I LOVE vetiver, but this is so much more. When I first read the notes I thought "these things DO NOT go together" but I got a sample and what can I say, I fell in love. I'm very familiar with the house, so I know they almost always use a phrase like "Baltic Sea Mist" just to throw in some sort of mystery into the minds of the curious. I will say this one is a bit on the loud side so I go easy on the atomizer. And it lasts and lasts. I've woken up the morning after and can still smell it on my wrist. And when it's a great scent, yes, that is a very good thing. I'm sorry I can't pinpoint exactly what it is I like so much about this, I'd suggest getting a sample and if nothing else, if you don't like it, you're only out 5 bucks. But this will stay in my rotation.
27th April 2023
Every hour of fear I spend
My body tries to cry
Living through each empty night
A deadly call inside
So I try to say goodbye, my friend
I'd like to leave you with something warm
But never have I been a blue calm sea
I have always been a storm
25th September 2022

I mainly get marine and seaweed type notes with a hint of wood when it's dried down. It's an aquatic fragrance with a twist that reminds me of the cold sea breeze in England in the winter. I enjoy the uniqueness it brings to my collection and considered buying a full bottle, but the performance is rather awful, lasting no more than two hours. I layered it on top bleu de chanel parfum that gave it more lasting power and a more classic touch which did mix well with this fragrance.

The acoord of this fragrance really is my cup of tea. Shame that it just fades away after a while.

20th September 2022
Of the discovery kit I picked up with 8 fragrances, this was one of the only ones I enjoyed. That being said, I found it enjoyable “for this house”, and not something I would purchase a full bottle of. It has a pleasant enough scent, but there is some sort of underlying dna going on with every fragrance from this house that keeps my enjoyment level far down enough to not be willing to purchase more from them. It’s hard to explain, but it kinda has a “cheap” smell to it… or plasticky… I don’t know, it’s something unpleasant. And a reminder to me that niche does not automatically mean better. I do wish this was a higher quality because I think if it had that “beautiful blend” quality to it, this fragrance could be pretty special. But for me, it really comes up lacking. I’m not going to give it a thumbs down, because I think other scents from this house are far more deserving of that than this one, but it’s going to have to get a neutral from me with no hopes of me regaining interest in this brand. It’s a shame, because they put a lot of thought and effort into their marketing, design, and packaging. If they put equal into their actual fragrances, they’d be one to watch out for.
25th April 2022
My introduction to this highly praised house, brings me here. I chose this fragrance because the notes look awesome, unfortunately though, it's not what I got. Assuming you're a green fragrance lover, these notes brought you here, though I can say with confidence this is not a green fragrance, but it is a fun one. It's not green in the traditional sense: earthy, dirty, mossy, reminiscence of the outdoors. this is a highly synthetic scent, and even if the ingredients are more natural, it certainly doesn't come off that way. This is a risk the perfumer takes when making unorthodox fragrances.

This is in the same category as Oliver's Ambergreen, in fact, almost the same fragrance, but Ambergreen is the far more superior of the two. This dries down into the "imaginary note" which sort of smells like tennis balls, or something.

Performance is great though, but most synthetic fragrances are. With the clear and apparent use of ambroxan here, or as noted "ambergris", to prolong the dry down of the fragrance.

In the end: I would have much preferred a safer, green fragrance without the performance, and without the synthetic aromachemicals. I realize though, that is not the intent of the perfumer's distribution. The green notes in here are well done, but the twist of ocean air/ozonic feel, or whatever he was aiming for, although interesting, is not appealing to me. it makes this unwearable, other than to try it, wear it a couple times, and give this review, for somebody who is bored with everything else on the market, and I do mean everything.. then this is the brand for you!

To somebody who was blind smelling this fragrance, and others from this house, who knew enough about fragrances, but not enough about low key Indy houses, I would assume their conclusion to this brand would be as follows: The perfumer ran out of ingredients to source, to finish this fragrance off. The dry downs of all of his fragrances smell cheap, and synthetic, and go from smelling great, to smelling fake.

Additional notes: The only thing preventing me from a thumbs down, is the well done green notes in the fragrance.
14th June 2020
Imaginary Authors to me is a house with its own persistent DNA. Despite each being a unique artistic expression, there is a hard to describe commonality between their scents.

This is especially true for Every Storm a Serenade. In addition to the typical IA DNA there are also couple notes clearly shared with their other scents. The smoky driftwood of Whispered Myths, a bit of pine from Cape Heartache, some sea salt from Falling Into the Sea. Unfortunately, the two things unique to this particular IA scent are two notes that are generic otherwise: calone and vetiver. This all leaves me feeling like I'd rather be wearing their other scents.

It's by no means a bad scent, but the house is capable of a lot more exciting things than this.
7th January 2020
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