Evelyn Rose fragrance notes

    • Evelyn Rose, violet, jasmine, amber

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Latest Reviews of Evelyn Rose

More jasmine than rose in this one, and the rose is not that impressive. The rose Imo's neither heavy nor belo, but a slim and slightly acidic.

In the drydown I get a nonspecific fruity and juicy undertone, peach with touches of apple.

The base adds a faint ambery impression with hints of white musks.

I get moderate sillage, adequate projection and five hours of longevity on my skin.

An agreeable scent for warm spring days, the main drawback is the presence of some overly generic and synthetic components. 2.75/5.
24th March 2019
I wanted to love this, as rose perfumes, are one of my favorite styles. Not this one - it reminds me too much of The Perfumer's Workshop Tea Rose - which I never liked that much. Evelyn Rose is just too sharp, too bitter for my taste. The rose, peony, peach, and green notes are too much. Too deafening. Eventually I smell amber on the base but, the other notes are still strong.
20th September 2018

I don't smell the peach in this at all, It's predominately Rose. (And a very elegant rose at that)Very wearable. Suitable for 20+
16th April 2008
Now that I've read VintageVogue's review, my experience with Evelyn Rose makes perfect sense. I'd read about it in a book about perfume and it sounded like a real classic. But when I tried it on, I couldn't understand the hype - it smelled like just another fruity, watery floral with no progression and very little lasting power. It's too bad Crabtree and Evelyn had to cut the heart out of this scent. The search for the perfect rose fragrance continues!
3rd August 2006
Recently Crabtree and Evelyn decided they “had” to re-jig the juice of the original Evelyn, a luscious rose scent. The newer version, called Evelyn Rose, is still nice, but inferior to the original. In the newer Evelyn Rose the peach note is more predominant, and the exquisite woodsy-musky drydown is all but gone. In fact, I can't even detect it. The bottle is the same, though the box and name have been changed. I wish C&E would bring back the original. Still, Evelyn Rose is a lovely rose bouquet and would be a nice addition to any rose lover's collection.
4th August 2005