Euphoria Spring Temptation fragrance notes

  • Head

    • pear blossom, guava leaf, fluid waterfall accord
  • Heart

    • pink lily, dewy violet, freesia petals
  • Base

    • sandalwood, white amber, frosted musk

Latest Reviews of Euphoria Spring Temptation

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Spring Temptation is exactly what I wanted Euphoria Blossom to smell like. I already own and love the original Euphoria yet I wanted something to wear in the warmer months. When I tried Euphoria Blossom I was disappointed, however this fragrance has me really impressed.

Spring Temptation is the sheer, fruity floral version of Euphoria. It is lively, sweet, refreshing and extremely Summery. It reminds me of walking through fruit orchards and breathing in the gorgeous citrusy aromas of ripe and delicious fruits waiting to be picked.

The decision in adding the water notes to the guava and pear was a wise decision I thought, because it made the opening top notes more pleasant and fresh. It was the sour and citrusy opening of Euphoria Blossom that made me dislike that scent.

Since my Winter fragrance collection is considerably larger than my Summer collection I have been searching for a fragrance that I can wear along with my Moschino Funny! later this year. I'm thinking that perhaps Spring Temptation may become my final choice.

27th April 2011
This is a very crisp, busy scent, with a floral, but almost spicy feel to it. It works well for any age group; my mother and I bought this together, and have both worn it on different occasions. Not one of my go-to or signature scents, but something I enjoy wearing occasionally for a little extra elegance and more girly, floral scent.
5th November 2009