Euphoria Men Intense fragrance notes

  • Head

    • Ginger Pepper Cocktail, Raindrop Accord, Sudachi
  • Heart

    • Basil, Cedar, Sage
  • Base

    • Labdanum, Vetiver, Oud, Amber

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Latest Reviews of Euphoria Men Intense

Evidently I got a bad or fake bottle, I put on 5-6 sprays and only had a faint amber scent. In 10-15 minutes I could not smell it at all. I had put Guess Seductive Noir on my other arm to test between the two and although Noir is a weak performer at least it had a moderate projection for the first 1-2 hours and still had a skin scent after 3-4 hours.
13th November 2020
Exotic, unique scent in my arsenal of colognes! Whenever I want to try a daring direction, I wear Euphoria Men Intense.

Ginger is one of the most evident note in this and several other Euphoria versions, an element that I like a lot. The basil and sage notes lend an edible spicy element, married with vetiver and amber notes in the base. Oud is listed, but is so subtle and tends to be overshadowed by its neighboring fragrance notes all throughout the triangle (e.g. the cedar in the heart).

Not a very long-lasting scent, but it remains distinctive and uncloying on my skin for most of the day. This and the Euphoria Gold are definitely unlike most of the scents in my collection, which make them perfect candidates for experimentation and daring fun.
26th March 2018

Calvin Klein Euphoria Men Intense is actually one of the only fresh spicy blind buys of late that I intend on keeping. Intense, Gold, and Essence each seem to be reasonably popular and now reasonably-priced, so this is the first one I got my hands on.

The fresh spicy characterization is accurate---Euphoria Men Intense's spiciness can probably be most attributed to pepper but I don't get much pepper (or much overwhelming spiciness) at all from this, as it's mostly subdued next to a woody/sweet mix that seemingly involves some sandalwood or cedar with a synthetic fruit (perhaps cherry) vibe. In that respect, it ends up seemingly like a distant relative to CK One Shock, but not nearly as well-blended.

Projection and longevity are nothing special, but at its price ($32 for 100ml on FragranceNet), it's hard to complain.

6 out of 10
18th January 2016
This instantly reminded me of something I used to wear years ago, can't put my finger on it. Very spicy/fruity straight away. After 15-20 minutes it mellows into a nice leather smell. An hour or so later it gets kinda woodsy, albeit a little synthetic. I wouldn't wear this every day, but I really like it, it is well done.
26th August 2015
spicy and dirty yet smooth great fall scent- sexy and great silage...this along with CK one SHOCKED are my fav by this house.
24th July 2013
CK Hits Mark with Intense Euphoria...

If you like a smooth fragrance with a splash of spice, Intense Euphoria should be added to your collection. Intense offers a different scent than the signature Euphoria, but one that you will enjoy and find will last the day. While probably considered best suited for Autumn or Winter, the softness works for any occasion and time of year. The online price is unmatched and with the Free Shipping option, Intense Euphoria is a must. 4.5 stars...
15th May 2013
Sensual and spicy. It makes you euphoric. But after few hours smells synthetic.
Sweet and enchanting fragrance by Calvin Klein !
27th November 2012
A large middle aged logger, Paul Bunyanish, is surveying his land with his hands on his hips. He is really just taking in life on his land. His taken care of grass around him, little wind blowing. Just feeling good.

Or it could be an old, empty pack of Big League Chew bubble gum. Either way.
17th October 2012
Love it. Smells not so similar to the original, which I also like. This reminds me of givenchy play intense or a spicier version of pure malt. Sits close to the skin but longevity is pretty good at around 8 hrs.
13th September 2012
A spicier, more gourmand, and less acidic version of Euphoria... it's not just a clever name. Great for a different smelling fragrance than the rest of the guys at clubs and bars. Younger girls love it (yummy phase), and I sometimes use it in place of Old Spice, when I don't want something quite as strong. Fruity out in front; tonka, spices, and woods on drydown; spices throughout.
24th February 2012
A sweet fragrance that starts out with a lot of dark fruits and then through time, develops into a dark chocolate fruity scent in a very pleasant way. Sadly projection and longevity are not that good.
19th October 2011
At first I thought Euphoria Intense smelled like something an old lady would wear, but that was just my first perception. It smells great. Terrific for a young male. Very nice and sweet, great projection.

I feel comfortable to say that this is the best Calvin Klein fragrance.
17th October 2011