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Calvin Klein (2006)

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Reviews of Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein

There are 100 reviews of Euphoria Men by Calvin Klein.

I just got this in the mail today. I won it in an eBay auction with some other colognes. This wasn't one that I wanted, so I figured I would sell it off to recoup some of my expenses. My expectations were low because of the ratings and because I don't really find Calvin Klein fragrances particularly intriguing.

What a surprise. This is not boring to me. It is interesting. It reminds me of a modern, high-end retail shopping mall. It smells fruity without being sweet. There's no thick, suffocating vanilla in it (which is unfortunately ubiquitous these days). It is light and polite.

Brazilian redwood offers some coniferousness I seek, but it is very subtle. That's okay in this case because it helps to keep it from being too fruity. I like this very much. I'm not a beast-mode seeker, so this is right up my alley. Unexpected and delighted. Keeping it.
Jul 30, 2020


Pretty nice on the initial blast. It's woody and a bit spicy, yet a touch of sweetness. A fresh, spicy and alluring, masculine fragrance. Hard to really not like the opening overall. The dry-down, however, is the absolute definition of boring and generic, and I get a shallow and synthetic vibe. Retains the CK dna, and it has the potential to be a nice scent, it's just overly safe and I could see it worn for all occasions, it's fresh enough for after the gym, mild enough for work, spicy enough for a date night, etc.

What I don't particularly like (and have grown to truly DESPISE) about Euphoria is the complete lack of focus, depth, and refinement, and offensively generic nature of the scent after the opening dies down. It's very synthetic, and truly smells just like a department store perfume counter. It's very easy to smell it and think "oh, someone put on cologne" but you would be hard pressed to differentiate this fragrance from a TON of other male frags. Overall, an okay smelling, safe scent, but it will not blow you away, it truly is like a glorified body spray:generally pleasant, but insanely shallow, boring, it doesn't even pretend to try to be anything new and exciting with depth . Longevity is not bad, better than Eternity, but again it's so damn boring after the opening, so you might want to top it off after an hour or two. Still, overall, you could do MUCH worse for a first scent, for a young man, etc., but I find it criminally generic

Sep 10, 2019

Euphoria men - Calvin Klein
Tries to combine Cool Water, Egoiste, Allure pour homme and a little bit of Fahrenheit in one scent and fails miserably. A horrible miss-mash.
Jul 7, 2019

A pleasant, slightly sweet, slightly watery and thinned down opening blast, with a nonspecific hesperidic touch that is combined with a light white pepper.

The drydown adds a pleasant, slightly sweet, slightly watery herbal element, that is combined with a nonspecific woodsy undertone.

The base is characterised (not meaning it had actual character!) by a pleasant, slightly sweet, and thinned down mix of a nonspecific white amber impression with a soft patchouli. The patchouli is light and lacks any harshness or darkness.

I get moderate sillage, limited projection and eight hours of longevity on my skin.

This is a pleasant spring scent that is quite thinned, anaemic and without any intensity or colour. It seems anaemic and watered down to an extent that it looses whatever personality it might have developed - certainly it has less character than Eternity for Men! Add to that the fact that it's is super-synthetic and bland, then it is clear why this represents olfactory tedium and mediocrity at its fines.

Not bad - just very dull.

No Euphoria here! 2.5/5
Feb 18, 2019

Calvin Klein's Euphoria for Men is likely the most boring and muddled fragrance I have ever given a neutral rating to, but it's such a period piece for the development of the house known for it's overuse if not flaunting of synthesis, that I can't hate it. Plus, there is literally nothing better to wear around friends with sensitive noses because it only comes in wisps no matter how much is used, making it extremely handy in what can be difficult situations for perfume lovers feeling naked without a scent. Euphoria for Men is like some of the 1970's and 1980's most charming B-grade exploitation and horror movies, it's the kind of thing you hate admitting you enjoy, but can't turn away from once it starts because it's just so compelling. If we liken Calvin Klein to an Italian giallo director of yore like Dario Argento, then Euphoria for Men is undoubtedly the "Suspiria" of the catalog, for it represents not only the height of the designer's obsession with certain aspects of his craft (synthetic accords in masculines for this instance), but also of said genre, being the "Age of Eternity" period for the house in question, where everything male had to be light and fresh after the release of Eternity for Men (1989), even to a fault as in this case. Wearing Euphoria is a rather fascinating experience of wearing a "barely there but detectable if looked for" fragrance, but obviously people liked the accords here enough that it became the first real blockbuster since Eternity, and an intense version would manifest two years later, which is literally like an old "haute concentration" of days gone by in that it's just a more potent version, and is more well-liked by perfumistos. A whopping four perfumers also worked on this, which is also something of a nadir point for CK as well, and it would seem like three was the magic number for multi-perfumer CK jambalaya going forward, which is good, since it very much does not feel like four perfumer's worth of work was poured into this fragrance.

Euphoria was graced by Anne Gottlieb and Jean-Marc Chaillan, both veterans of making frugal compositions for Avon, Loc Dong (a frequent CK collaborator), and Carlos Benaim (who gave us the original Eternity for Men). So many hands in one pot of stew typically destroys any creative direction just due to the sheer number of compromises made, unless 3 perfumers were given a tier in the pyramid to tackle then the fourth edited the mess together, I don't know. Euphoria in regular strength or the later intense version represents a rare "fresh gourmand" that pulls mainly from "edible" top and middle notes, with the implied woods and leathers at the bottom for an anchor. The opening of Euphoria for Men is the best part, with ginger, pepper, exotic Japanese sudachi fruit (a sour citrus and typical move for CK, but likely it's synthetic proxy here), the expected ozonic grapefruit accord used since Y2K, and the only nonsense "Kleinism" note found in the top, taking the form of "rain accord", which is probably a fancy way of saying "dilution ingredient" because it's absent from the intense version. The middle ground is clary sage, then two more "Kleinisms" in the form of "black" basil and cedar leaf (why the leaf?). Honestly I don't believe any of that exists in the middle outside the sage, and by this phase am reminded of Avon's Skin 2 Skin (2003), which is a presage of the nearly unisex masculine sweet/fresh style found here, and has a similar "makeup" smell in the middle but commits to a bolder finish with florals and heavier "Avon amber". In Euphoria for men, the Sci-Fi transition to the very faint base of amber, patchouli, suede and the "Kleinism" of Brazilian redwood (gosh, so much exotica in this one) is quick, but I have a feeling these notes are also all naught but chemical impressions.

The appeal here is with the morbid fascination in the sheer artifice and minimalism, even by Calvin Klein standards. It was either a whole new height of synthetic inoffensiveness to circumvent workplace fragrance bans (a nice thought), or a whole new low in duping the buying public into purchasing almost nothing but colored water and alcohol in an admittedly cool bottle (it's most redeeming feature). You'll have to just about drown yourself in Euphoria for Men just to get any projection unless you buy the intense version, but as mentioned, you'll always know it's there (unless you have anosmia). The intense version is almost a must-buy if you enjoy the asexual citrus, fruity spices, and "so bad it's good" synthetic weirdness that is this scent, but actually want to really feel it beyond the opening five minutes. Euphoria for Men flew off shelves enough to completely drown out sales of the following year's Calvin Klein Man (2007), which is technically a stronger and better scent even if it's less interesting from a technical stand point. Perhaps CK Man was an attempt at apology to longtime fans expecting more? Doesn't seem to matter now as Euphoria's success has granted CK license to spawn a new flanker army from the nameplate. Euphoria's total inability to be overwhelming makes it perfect for the office, which is where I'll say this fits best, but it's so almost frustratingly inoffensive by design that this "non-cologne" isn't really good for much else. Fans of Molecule 01 (2006) take note, because this one might be an early prototype of the same aesthetic. CK One (1994) seriously has more cojones than this and it wasn't even meant to, which makes Euphoria for Men even more entertaining. For the extreme generalist that finds even Acqua di Gio (1996) too aggressive, this is your lifelong brand, but for everyone besides the hardcore CK fan or lovers of futurism, this is a solid pass.
May 18, 2018

Spicy, synthetic, fruity-fresh opening. Not terrible but is terribly generic (pleasant). The drydown goes sweet and musky. Again, smelled this many times before in cheaper fragrances.

This smells casual and unrefined. Could be worn day or night and seems okay for most seasons except colder months.

Average projection but it is noticeable.
Jan 21, 2018

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