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Reviews of Euphoria by Calvin Klein

There are 92 reviews of Euphoria by Calvin Klein.

It doesn't feel like Calvin Klein, and it doesn't feel as old as it is. More like a 2018 gourmand, fashionable sweet fragrance with nice flowers. Good, but performances are not the best.
Jan 5, 2020

Euphoria - Calvin Klein
Sour-berry on mothball with a little crush of praline, becomes more bitter and settles quickly in a 'cassis-juice on sour sweets & candy floss', without any reasonable development, like a continious loop of the same theme. Not bad, although it tries a bit too hard to be original as Angel.
Jul 16, 2019

A bright and fulsome fruity floral that is post-Angel but not postlapsarian; it's rich and juicy but keeps to the clean path that is CK's definer despite inflections of wood and spice. Nonetheless Euphoria is a strong foray into this genre, with lovely tart, bitter yet sweet fruitiness to the fore in the opening (a deep purple fantasy pomegranate dripping with juice), lifted with accents of green freshness but also immediately paired with a darker, fudgier floral accord that belongs firmly in the plush velvet realms of modern perfumery ‘orchids'. Lurking behind this play of purple and noir elements, lit by the strong arc lights of the house emphasis on clean, are rounded, sweet woody notes and just a suggestion of spice. This is CK playing with oriental shade, while keeping the stage at all times brightly lit.
This isn't a perfume of layers or depth – once the elements are slotted in and settled, that's that, but it is impressive and energetic for about 4 hours. After which it falls down into a mush of sweet nothings in the base.
Feb 26, 2018

Sexy, sophisticated, classy, beautiful....these come to mind as I experience Calvin Klein's Euphoria on a woman. There are perfumes that stand out as special and pleasing to behold; this is one of them!

Euphoria starts out with a lush flood of fruit and florals. There is a fresh, crisp quality to the perfume, thanks to the black orchid and lotus blossom, along with a dreamy, intoxicating effect from the pomegranate and sweetness from the persimmon. And the foundation is sure and steady with the amber and mahogany, which along with the violet round out and finish this marvelous perfume all the way to the end.

The effect that Euphoria has on me as a man: I just want to hold the woman close to me as we are enveloped by this hypnotic potion. The perfume sends the message of warmth, daring, invitation, and delight that I love!

Great perfume from Calvin Klein worthy of a test from any female scent enthusiast...and the men who love them. ;^>

Mar 10, 2017

The opening is ALMOST too loud on my skin....but it's worth it to reach the drydown. Rich, musky, and spicy to my nose. I love it. I get 6-8 hours from one spray too.
Perfect for winter....I wouldn't attempt this one in warmer seasons!
Feb 8, 2016

I love it so I bought this one to my wife two times and one time to my friend.
High recommended for youth women (25-40)
Nov 11, 2015

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