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Geo F Trumper (2018)

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Eucris Eau de Parfum by Geo F Trumper

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Eucris Eau de Parfum is a men's fragrance launched in 2018 by Geo F Trumper

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Reviews of Eucris Eau de Parfum by Geo F Trumper

There are 6 reviews of Eucris Eau de Parfum by Geo F Trumper.

Richer smoother and immediately in the sweet spot of the Edt dry down. There is nothing like this. Sure it's a bit dark but there is also a powdery subtlety depending on how much you spray. Blackcurrant sweet woods and oakmoss. This is the smell of understated power. The EDT is the adolescent still working on it. This is the dad who's arrived.

May I gently suggest instead of the Edt that we get a super light cologne version as well? Or maybe that would be missing the point. Do what you do well.

It's raining as I spray this on my skin. It suits the day perfectly: melancholy, brooding, contemplative. There's a density to the spices and moss and a juiciness to the blackcurrant that really complements this weather. There below is a ground cover comprised of lily of the valley, the raindrops opening up their balm in the humid air.

Gray skies, gray scents, a man who has seen a lot, has many tales to tell, wisdom, experience. Probably not a clubbing or date night scent, wink.

I can almost hear a distant Westminster Quarters through the rain when I get wafts of this. Eucris EDP is introspective majesty.



Trumper's Eucris has the distinction of being the only one of their 21 colognes to be released in both edt and edp versions.

The 51 Basenotes reviews generally refer to it as an oak moss bomb, despite it having seven other ingredients. I first experienced it in 2007 and initially reviewed it here on 12/17/07. At the time I did not like oak moss and rather hated Eucris, giving it a negative review. Seventeen years and 1400+ reviews later, I am experiencing both the edt and the edp.

A good deal has changed in those years, including my growing to like oak moss. That said, I find the edt to be a rather light interplay of oak moss and musk. I do not detect any of the other notes. (The card accompanying the sample lists only tree moss and coumarin as the only fragrance notes.) I definitely recall the raw and harsh cologne original (my nose still stings at the memory) and find the edt to have nothing like the heavy concentration of oils in the cologne (an oddity in and of itself).

The edp is quite different from the edt. I get a very one note impression of freshly turned earth, most probably the tree moss, as opposed to the use of oak moss in the older edt. Again, none of the other notes listed make themselves available. I believe the sample card notes are corrupted and that the tree moss/coumarin content refers only to the 2018 edp, and that the edt sample card ingredients are quite different. My spouse's reaction to the edp is that of a green vegetal lavender, with cumin and coriander more prominent. Thus, a curried green lavender/moss scent.

Some reviewers quote a similarity to Knize Ten and Quorum, two of my favorites. I find no similarity whatever.

I therefore find this rather a one note composition and although not off-putting like the edc original, I don't experience any enjoyment. Therefore, I am upgrading my original review from a negative to a neutral. My mind boggles at its ongoing popularity.

This is a modern iteration of the old gentlemanly gothic fragrance by Geo F. Trumper known as Eucris - purportedly worn by James Bond, and initially created over a century ago - of which I used to own the eau de toilette, until I got this eau de parfum, which in my opinion is superior in all aspects. In comparison to the EDT, the EDP has less of a sparkly blackcurrant opening and smells instead like the drydown of the EDT but from the get-go. So it's a sombre mix of notes to my nose such as oakmoss (LOTS of oakmoss in this), blackcurrant, cumin, coriander, and musk. In the drydown, the blackcurrant becomes much more prominent and sweetens up the fragrance somewhat (though it's very dry still). It's a dark, austere traditional gentleman's cologne and makes me think of rainy days and gothic architecture. I also love pairing this with the $5 perfume oil known as al-Rehab Dakar (a clone of Drakkar Noire); they oddly work really well together. Projection is moderate, just like in the EDT, while longevity is significantly improved at at least 6 hours strong projection. Overall, it's a one of my favourite fragrances of all time by a British house that still preserves their long-standing fragrance tradition.


Review for the new Eau de Parfum, 50ml spray

It's one of my favourite releases so far in 2018! After sampling it, I bought a bottle as soon as my preferred store had it in stock. It's a huge improvement on the cologne-like EdT, which only comes in a splash bottle.

First impressions were "this stuff is potent!". The scent is an oakmoss overload. There is plenty of it in there. Others have commented how they "can be allowed to release a scent with so much moss in this day and age". I'm puzzled by this too but it is a welcome scent.

To me it also comes across as "inky", dark, thick and mysterious, yet it maintains a certain freshness in the opening. The blackcurrant and cumin are both muted compared to its predecessor, but the association to Aventus is justified (to my nose) because of the oakmoss.

50ml of this though is ample as you won't need to spray a lot to get a good long-lasting scent into the evening. Two sprays max should do it.

I personally have worn it to work a few times and its staying power is big. I've also worn it in the evening and can detect it on me well into the morning the next day.

To my nose it smells more or less the same as the edt. Longevity and projection is improve upon but by no means an overly strong fragrance. Very nice & very classic.

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