Etruscan Water 
Francesca Bianchi (2019)

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Etruscan Water is a green-citrusy perfume with character – or with a dirty/sexy vibe! It conveys the stunning odor of the typical Mediterranean vegetation and the salty, refreshing smell of the sea soothing your skin from the heat of the sun.

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Reviews of Etruscan Water by Francesca Bianchi

There are 7 reviews of Etruscan Water by Francesca Bianchi.

Ahhhh.... Etruscan Water.... A fragrance that has been very hyped on social media, as well as in the 'fragcomm'.... well, let's see:
In the top, I get a blast of musks, supported by basil, petitgrain and spices. Shortly after, the spicy/green trio will quitely tone down, to leave the florals take the center stage (mostly jasmine an immortelle, but the orris powderiness is also noticeable), with the musk still omnipresent, and that will show some animalic undertones. In the drydown will a subtle ambergris note appear, supported by an even subtlier vetiver and probably labdanum. Performance is moderate (at best) on my skin, a suprising point for a fragrance sold as extrait de parfum, on the higher side of the price range.
It's nice, it's indie, it smells like stuff that is not at sephora, I can't say the opposite, but not because it's indie will I refrain to say what I think (especially not at that price point). Now that it has been said, let's descent and land:

- This appears to me as a fully musky-floral, not at all chypre.
- Many talk about it of a 'citrus'-forward fragrance, but while the bergamot for sure plays its part in the blend, it's subtle. They are probably confused with the bitterness of the petitgrain in the early opening.
- the stars of the show are an ultra-soapy musk and an ultra-indolic jasmine, followed by basil, immortelle, spices and petitgrain (in that order, on my skin) are clearly noticeable as support.
- moss is noticeable in the base but it's not dominant: the jasmine will be omnipresent and dominating from heart to base, so I'm not sure why people talk about 'oakmoss' as if it was the main note in here... probably confused with spicy basil I guess, and must be trendy for frag enthusiasts to say 'my perfume has a lot of moss'. (that's the only reson I can think about, because it's definitely not an oakmoss-centric fragrance, but a musk and jasmine-centric fragrance)
- the ambergris is barely noticeable, and for that too, I wonder why people pick it up so easily: I think that people interpret the indolic facet of jasmine as being ambergris, As for the (micro) hint of saltiness: it's the work of the vetiver, not the ambergris.

The powerful indolic facet of the jasmine, added to the sopay musks and powdery orris, makes this fragrance lean slightly on the feminine side, and even the vetiver, petitgrain and subtle moss will never manage to bring it back on the unisex line. I find interesting that some question the wearability of Jicky or Mistouko for a man, while this one is way more feminine to my nose...
Like all the hyped fragrances, the expectations are high, and the risk for disappointment too... and this one makes no excpetions for me. Comparing with the stuff I have smelt around, I am glad I bought that one with a good 40% discount, and even though, I feel that it is beyond what I should have been charged for that one. I will not compare this to Irish Spring Soap (like some others have - somewhat rightfully - done), because it would be a little bit harsh, but I will not refrain from stating that this is nothing more than a glorified feminized take on Penhaligon's Douro. (had it been release by Armaf or Dua, I can already hear the criticisms...) I also get a (vague) similarity with No.5... is it just me?

For all these reasons, it's just ok for me, as of now - unless it grows on me later. I strongly suspect that many are biased on their great judgement, as it might be hard to admit a mistake when having shelled out blindly $135 for just 30ml of juice.
Is it good? Yes, it's good.
Is it $4.50/ml good? As per my standards, definitely not. But to each his own.

Spring/Fall days, women 30+ (men 40+).
Sep 10, 2021

Like Julian Sands in the movie Warlock and with a erotic style that come out of Zalman Kings creations.this is the type of fragrance that gives you that attitude and you don't care about anything else.i feel the DNA of classic perfumery in this fragrance.really miles away from modern man marketed scents.what we are experiencing nowadays with countless flankers,and mass marketed's just that designers now choose to make lame watery stuff and that's what most customers are used can you enjoy a fragrance that smells exactly the same as every other one in the whole store?

It starts with a bitter citrus accompanied by a green mossy note.there are some woody and herbal notes in to give it a masculine aromatic edge,but what dominates by far Etruscan Water is the base blend of oakmoss,and ambery aroma which is the play between jasmine,basil and caraway.labdanum keeps everything warm and as the scent progresses oakmoss makes everything deeper and's not as heavy as vintage chypres, but darned near close me it's easy to wear.a blind buy if you are in to sexy, masculine,yet different fragrances what will literally have people asking "what the heck is that guy wearing".
Aug 17, 2021

Classic chypre in style, feels well thought out with nostalgic intentions, has lots of hidden mossy vibes and yellow floral astringency, loads of depth and totally French in character, wouldn't need a lot of this really as a little goes a long way, the bit I struggle with is the sort of burnt wool smell, like when your ironing a wool jumper on too higher temperature, I'm not huge on chypres so maybe it's a little unfair to comment but from what I've tried over the years this one seems very well made with excellent blending and respect.
Apr 30, 2021

There aren’t too many green musks about, so the opening of Francesca Bianchi’s Etruscan Water is valuable for that reason alone. But as it develops it changes, revealing a beautiful, strong-willed and complex creation drawing on a range of reference points, perfect for a cool spring day and much else besides. Drawing on the hot-cool idea of hidden Mediterranean bays filled with clear water reached through ancient woods, it brings to mind impressions of sun-whitened rocks, mossy surfaces and musky and rangy vegetation. It deploys a range of salty, herbal, solar-floral and animalic notes to create a vivid impression that is like an inhabited reverie – calm but with something alive and robust at its core. The blending of the citrus and citrus-woody tones (Bianchi speaks of being inspired by classic punchy masculine citrus colognes and that influence becomes evident during the course of the wear) with lovely green herbal nuances and full-spectrum honeyed florals is exquisitely balanced, with a sun-kissed saltiness floating over everything. Etruscan Water offers both sunshine and shade – and a panorama of scent impressions, recognizable but ultimately unusual in combination. I took to it immediately.
Feb 24, 2021

As a male writing this Etruscan water is way too feminine and sweet and cloying. Almost a scrubber, in fact it would have been if I was not so busy. I see one of the other reviewers struggled with it initially with fleeting urges to scrub it until finally 'from smelling from further away' seeing it as beautiful and rich. I think it was heavy on the Immortelle, jasmine and musk.
Feb 3, 2021

Etruscan Water creates an image of cool water drawn up from a stone lined well that has been filtered through layers of earth hidden from the light of day. The opening of this fragrance has a cold mineral fresh water feel from the tangerine and grapefruit over vetiver. Adding to this crisp light green watery aroma are bits of basil and caraway. An indolic floral note is added from jasmine that is made smooth by softness of iris. The iris note is a Bianchi staple and appears to add smooth mystery to almost every scent of hers that I have had the pleasure to try. The watery green iris flows over a base of ambergris and labdanum and provides an accurate metaphor for well drawn Etruscan Water. There is an old soul quality that is common to all of Bianchi perfumes I've tried and this comes from the complexity and contrasts in each. This perfume does remind me of water drawn from a stone well but the deep quality of the base and heart notes takes this far from oceanic or vetiver category as it develops its own fresh but dry chypre contrasts. Another very nice fragrance from Francesca Bianchi.
Jul 8, 2020

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