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Ayala Moriel (2012)

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Etrog Oy de Cologne by Ayala Moriel

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Reviews of Etrog Oy de Cologne by Ayala Moriel

The etrog (a special kind of citron) note in here is fantastic. It's lemony but deeper, much like a traditional citrus eau, but way more natural and rich. Apparently, this is incredibly rare and limited, so this is pretty much the only place to smell it.

I've always wanted to smell a recreation of a classic 1800's eau de cologne made with actual natural materials, just to see what they would have smelled like back then, and the topnotes of Etrog are probably as close as I'll get, and they're marvelous.

I would have loved a traditional cologne drydown (orange blossom, petitgrain, etc), but Etrog uses a mix of natural resins and such that creates a very modern essential oil perfume drydown that's not really what I'm into.

Definitely worth a sniff for the etrog note and natural eau topnotes, though the base isn't for me, hence the neutral rating.

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