Fragonard (2009)

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Étoile by Fragonard

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Étoile is a women's perfume launched in 2009 by Fragonard

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There are 1 reviews of Étoile by Fragonard.

I have not fallen in love with a scent in a long, long time. This one was love at first smell. It's not the longest-lasting one I've worn but, as it's affordable and fabulous, I actually enjoy spraying myself with it periodically throughout the day. Anyone in my office who gets a whiff says, "Mmmm! What IS that?" In a good way! In the best way. It's a lovely combination of the notes above, though I don't smell the base ones strongly. That's OK as I don't love the powdery smell of amber on me and, if I'm smelling the cedarwood, it's really subtle and working in harmony with the other notes, none of which come out and slap you in the face. The combo of bergamot, apple and ginger is an intoxicating and not-too-sweet beginning (I had it on while eating an apple once and noted how accurate that note is in the scent without being overwhelming - apple in stereo! Delightful!) and it's warmed up by the white florals in the middle, particularly the gardenia. It's a lovely, watery, spring-time. Good for day in warming and warm weather.

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