Eternity Summer for Men 2007 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • coriander, watermelon
  • Heart

    • galbanum, lily of the valley, star anise
  • Base

    • amber, musk, white woods, patchouli

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ok on third time consideration ive changed my mind about this one: i like it!. I find it lemony- melony and a nice fresh warm scent especially good for the colder seasons which is ironic considering its the summer version - i guess it reminds me of summer which i love. Good staying power too, just dont overspray.
12th June 2009
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14th September 2008

I'm not a fan of Eternity for Men, but I do like Eternity Summer for Men 2007. Has a clean floral scent with an added fresh lemon scent. It's not too strong, not too subtle. Not too sweet, not too sour (However, I would personally prefer this one to be a little sweeter). It's not a complicated scent by any means, but it's nice for what it is. Doesn't smell like a bowl of mixed fruits like many "summer" fragrances. I wore this for awhile and enjoyed it quite a bit.
17th August 2008
My least favorite Summer... but it's not totally terrible but it is on the heavily synthetic side. Does hold true to the greenness of the original Eternity but with the jasmine turned up a bit. Light and airy like the other Eternity Summer offerings, I tend to wear this one when I get bored.
16th August 2008
No citrus, melony top, cedary bottom. It's terrific, AND, it was only out for one year. I'm going to find me an extra one because this seems to be my go to summer scent this year for when I don't want to smell like anyone else, however, I often pass on spraying it because I know that getting more isn't nearly as easy as getting more of any of my other scents, including the Creed.
3rd August 2008
A very nice fragrance great for a day outdoors with friends & family a thumbs up.
18th June 2008
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