Eternity Summer for Men 2005 fragrance notes

  • Head

    • aldehydes, coriander, melon, watermelon
  • Heart

    • star anise, violet, galbanum, hyacinth, lily of the valley
  • Base

    • amber, musk, patchouli

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This is the best of all the Eternity Summers, and it is more pleasant than Eternity - which sort of smells "pissy" to me. Too bad they don't make this anymore.
1st February 2009
2005 Version: A really cool melon-y-green scent, that to me is an improvement over the original Eternity. It's gotta have some type of Mango or Watermelon in there somewhere... drydown smells very similar to Echo for Men.
31st October 2008

one of my all time favorites. fresh, clean, and light. i wear it all year round. gives you that fresh feeling. good durablility too.
29th October 2007
The easiest way to describe this is as a muted version of Midori (the liqueur). The use of melon is original and I like that CK was able to create a "fresh" smelling scent without leaning heavily on citrus. The longevity is so-so overall, but good considering that Eternity Summer is a light, fresh scent (which usually have terrible longevity). I could see myself reaching for this once in a while, but not too often given how sweet it is.
5th November 2006
I like this but not as much as the original, it has odd qualties about it, perhaps the make-up of the fragrance doens't mesh well, there is something i cna't put my finger on that i dislike, but i bought it so i guess i'll wear it.
23rd September 2006
HiJust bought this one (2006) - if it's the same one - It's much nicer than ordinary eternityClean, fresh and has a drydown that end up like grey flannel - violets - lovely and clean - definitely a thumbs UP
2nd September 2006
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